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We are living in times of great change, especially as we emerge from a global pandemic! Navigating change can be a challenging process and affects each person differently, personally and professionally. There are many factors and complexities that influence how a person adapts to change.  If your goal as an organization is to thrive, you must invest in the wellbeing of your employees. Research proves there is a financial ROI on providing Preventative, Proactive Wellbeing programs to support your employees to thrive and even embrace change. Are you looking for innovative solutions to support and engage your employees and grow your business? Let’s customize a solution for you. 


Comprehensive Consultation

Share the unique challenges facing your organization and your goals to improve the situation. Learn how our research based, step-by-step “Wellbeing at Work” Program will serve your employees to better adapt to change. Access information you need in one place and get measurable results to best support and engage your employees all while growing your business. 


Training Packages

Register your employees for a “Wellbeing at Work” Group Training program, Individual Sessions or a Hybrid Offering. All offerings are confidential and will provide the resources, insights and skill development necessary to embrace change! 

$300/session (1-4 Sessions)

$250/session (5-7 Sessions)

$250/person (Group Training, min 6)


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