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Simple Living Strategies To Start Today!

Lifestyle Design to Simplify and Thrive takes you on a spiritual journey that starts with a pen and paper. Taking this self-guided workshop will help you shine light on areas of your life that need to be reflected on so you can gain clarity, activate your highest potential and find meaning and fulfillment.

This self-discovery workshop is an introduction to what I have learned – from detangling and finding freedom from social expectations to re-emerging and living fully, with the highs and lows of being a professional woman with a family.

Journaling is one of the most amazing ways to figure out who you really are. It is a powerful personal development tool, but it can be hard to know where to start or how to best journal for results.

Personally, journaling has helped me discover myself on a deeper level and has helped me gain clarity by aligning and organizing my thoughts.

Sometimes negative thoughts can run on repeat in your head. Writing thoughts and feelings down means you are actively getting those thoughts out of your head and creating space to help you think more clearly and openly.

Simplify the way you talk to yourself, the way you experience the world.


Imagine The Freedom.


These simple living strategies will help you discover your true happiness by seeing the true beauty in living a simple life. They will help you connect with your emotions, values, and goals. You will learn to manage stress, anxiety, and find your identity again.

Your journal is a safe place to keep and organize all the thoughts inside your head. Throughout this journaling workshop, you will focus on simplifying these six key areas of your life: workplace, social life, financial life, community, home, & self.



Take Time For Me Time.

Do you find yourself longing to take time for yourself?

This is often looked upon as being selfish or unproductive, but the truth is that without giving time to yourself, you’re not giving yourself the oppotunity to give your best to each key aspect of your life. This leads to being burned out, stressed, and not being able to gain clarity in situations. 

This self-guided journaling workshop allows you to go at your own pace and take as much reflection time as you want for each key aspect of your life.

I encourage you to set time out of your week to reflect on one of the key aspects. Turn your phone off, get in a comfortable spot, and make this workshop your time for Me Time.  

You Desire The Simple Life

Accelerate your growth with the healing power of journaling. Get clarity on the aspects of your life that you need to change. Unravel the hopes, dreams, and desires that are in your heart.

When you explore the 6 key aspects of your life: Work, Financial, Social, Community, Home, and Self and simplify them, you will create the foundation of your ideal life to manifest. This workshop will help you take the next step in designing the life you desire!

“After completing the Lifestyle Design course, I appreciated the way Kelly opened with her own heartfelt experiences. She provides a gentle, encouraging, easy to follow guide to creating your own happiness.”

Marcy A.

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