This Workshop is

for you if:


You make time for everything and everyone and then run out of time for yourself!

You get on track, but then you lose momentum and give up!

You are constantly adjusting your schedule based on what other people need from you.

You feel pulled and stretched by obligation and while having a family is incredibly fulfilling –

You have a desire to reconnect with yourself!


You miss YOU!


Take steps to improve your life!

Elevate your energy & your vibration!

Truly nourish yourself & strengthen your connections.




A 6-Hour Personal Development Workshop Designed to Reconnect with Yourself!

(& improve just about every area of your life as a result!!)



(& time commitment):


(Saturday, April 9 – 9 am-2 pm)


Pre-Workshop Readings and assignment

up to 1 hour.


Confidence Building Challenge

15-minute presentation.


Community Exploration Personal Trip

2-hour post-workshop assignment.


An Actionable Life & Career Plan

to continue the momentum.


Treat yourself to a night away.

Connect with your creativity again.

Take care of your mind, body and spirit again.

Get inspired again!

Be open to wonder around you!


I am a Rehabilitation Counsellor & Certified Life and Career Coach, the founder of Embrace Your Life Coaching, and author of ‘Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose.’ I am also a wife and mother.

Life feels fabulous and fulfilling when you live aligned to your values and desires. I sincerely look forward to connecting with you and hearing about the dreams in your heart and how we can help them come true!



When we focus on nourishing ourselves, we tap into our power and have more to give.

100% of profits will be donated to – Host people fleeing Ukraine.


Why participate in the Six weeks Spring Refresh Course?

Inspired by my patterns of needing time away from my roles and responsibilities, I created what I call “Kelly” Days. These are the days (sometimes longer) I design to nourish myself.

There are moments we all need space and deliberate dedication of resources to explore our inner worlds, so our outer lives are fresh, fulfilling, and inspiring. But, we can’t show up and serve when we are undernourished.

My coaching clients reflect this need for personal exploration as well. They confide a deep desire for time to think, sleep, write, finish a project, physical movement or get away with friends.

I have used proven research when designing my courses to support you in creating a plan to manifest what you truly desire!

How can I get the most out of this investment?

To get the most out of the course, plan to attend the live classes. But know that the virtual weekly classes will be recorded. Therefore, I highly recommend you complete the reading assignments and approach the process with an open mind and heart.

You will be assigned an accountability partner, and we will have an online group, so we all stay connected for six weeks.

One powerful way to refresh your life is to take a risk!

That is why one assignment is for you to create a 15-minute talk about your journey and your intention to apply what you learned onward.

There is a powerful motivation behind DEADLINES and ACCOUNTABILITY!

I will use these to help you create your vision and your plan! We can do so much more together as a group! I look forward to connecting with you.


I am confident that you will be empowered and inspired due to participating in this workshop.

(NOTE: The clients I work with are those that are ready to take action!

So if you aren’t in that space, I gently encourage you to join at a later date.)

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