Momentum Membership

Well-being with a Spiritual Twist!

What to expect with the Momentum Membership:

  • Expert and Personalized Advice to guide your concerns on Life, Business & Career Development topics,
  • Opportunity to improve your leadership skills and showcase your work by leading peer discussions,
  • Guest Speakers and videos delivered to your email; and
  • Annual women’s conference!

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When we turn our pain into power and purpose & then come together in community ~ We create impactful change!

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Do I spend my time aligned with my values?
  • Am I actively co-creating the life I want?
  • Am I living according to my standards?
  • Am I fulfilled? Why? What is my life purpose?
  • Do I feel angry and in pain about what I see in society but feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to help?
  • Am I placing unrealistic expectations on myself?
  • How might perfectionism, and people-pleasing be holding me back?

We are Stronger Together!

Eager for an opportunity to connect with others, relax, and embrace your transformation journey?

We meet once a year in the Fall for a one-day annual women’s conference to collaborate and support each other. We indulge in spa treatments and curated nourishing workshops to fill ourselves up to keep doing the necessary work in our communities.

Details are provided well in advance of event date.

By Joining The Community of Fulfilled Working Women, You Will:


Overcome the fears that hold you back from sharing your true self. Improve your ability to assert yourself, establish boundaries and clarify your wants and needs. And go for them!


Explore your values and establish priorities based on your values and vision. Find out what really brings you joy and get the accountability to create more joy in your life!


Create a career plan that encompasses your gifts, talents, strengths, desires and hopes. Learn how to overcome current blocks in your work and how to start on your dream career path today!


Identify what you are good at and build on them! Learn how to delegate and create daily systems that support growth personally.


Through several mindfulness and self-compassion activities, you will learn that true presence comes from internal change and personal development. Once you calm the inner swirl, then you can enter whole into your relationships with others. Imagine how life would transform!


Commit to your dreams and achieving your goals. This group is based on the foundation of women supporting each other to help grow and thrive in work and life. Are you ready to hold yourself accountable?


For only $25/month, you will have the accountability, support, and insight to truly embrace your life and improve your community by creating meaningful change.

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month via Zoom at 7 pm EST for 1.5 hours.

Attend six masterclasses before September and earn special pricing on future retreats, events, and coaching!

Hi! I’m Kelly, Your Virtual Coach!

I am a mom, wife, student, business owner, professional, and author.
Since 2008, I have created and served in my part-time coaching practice working individually and with groups.

I know the feelings that come with the highs and lows of pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams! The moments of doubt, fear, and the pain of feeling “stuck” when things seem to be against you.

I am familiar with the pressure of keeping up with social media, learning technology and trends, improving my skills, and trying to find a work/life balance.

As responsibilities add up, we put so much pressure on ourselves! It can be hard to take a step back to clarify and focus on ourselves – what we truly want. And manage the responsibilities that come with having a family. 

I am very excited to share my practices, strategies, and tools with you to help you align with your values and deepest desires, and engage in meaningful, fulfilling work and life.

It is time to find harmony in life and work, to work together and create long-lasting change for working women! 

It is time to embrace your life while doing our part together to create momentum for positive social change for equality for women at work.