It’s time to embrace your life!




Prioritize time and be present


Build confidence

Is This You?

Your current role is not challenging and you don’t see a path for you to grow

Your skills are under-utilized leaving you feel bored and unfulfilled

Your to-do-list keeps piling up even though you’re doing multiple things at once

You neglect relationships or can’t be fully present when with others

You have self-doubt and always feel like you need to do better – to be better

You have a fear of failure so you overcommit and get overwhelmed by all the roles and responsibilities

You put yourself last and ignore your need for rest or play

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can be the busy, determined, goal-orientated woman you are while having harmony and balance in work and life.

Imagine the possibilities when you eliminate the stress, fear, and burnout, and instead start to embrace change!

Imagine waking up each morning excited to go to work and going to bed each night with a fulfilled heart and peaceful mind.

Picture yourself feeling energized and challenged by the work you are doing while having a great sense of accomplishment.

You are being pushed out of your comfort-zone and blossoming into a more dynamic version of yourself.

You have clarity of who you really are, what you want, and how you spend your time. You no longer feel guilty for taking time for yourself and you feel more connected with your loved ones.

You feel like you are really making an impact and living out your passion every day.

Together, we can make this reality!

Your days full of stress, overwhelm, and burnout are over!

 Hi! I’m Kelly.

I am a mom, wife, student, business owner, professional and author. For almost 15 years, I have had a part-time coaching practice working individually and with groups.

I know the feelings that come with the highs and lows of pursuing your dreams! The moments of doubt, fear and the pain of feeling “stuck” when things seem to be against you.

I am very familiar with the pressure of keeping up with social media, learning technology, trends, improving my skills, and trying to find a work/life balance.

As responsibilities add up, we put so much pressure on ourselves! It can be hard to take a step back to clarify and focus on ourselves – what we truly want in life.

I am very excited to share my practices, strategies, and tools with you to help you align with your values and deepest desires, and engage in meaningful, fulfilling work and life.

It is time to find harmony in life and work.

It is time to embrace your life.

Well-being with a Spiritual Twist!

In addition to Monthly Life & Career Development Topics like: 

Interpreting your Personality Assessment & Leveraging your Strengths

Resume Improvements & Showcase your Accomplishments 

Self Marketing & Interview Skill Development

Using your Values to Bring Your Authentic Self to your Work & Improve your Environment


You will also learn how to: 

Access your Spiritual Wisdom & apply the Principles of Conscious Living.

Harmonize your energy intuitively; slow down mindfully, learn how to rest and restore, and then expand, reaching for bigger dreams,… the ones you have tucked away in your heart.

To live consciously, is to live in the moment. Evaluate and bring awareness to every aspect of your life – inside and out.

Why live consciously?

Know where and how you spend your time

Feel fulfilled by finding your true desires and values

Focus your attention and direct energies where they are really needed

Build communication and healthy relationships

Embrace fears instead of letting fears run your life

Create your own happiness

Heal your life so you can live, parent and lead with purpose. 

It is time to embrace your life, create your own opportunities, and live with meaningful purpose.

Questions to Ask Yourself:


  • Is how I spend my time a reflection of my values and the life I want to create?
  • By what or who’s standards am I measuring my success by?
  • How would I define success?
  • In what area am I placing unrealistic expectations on myself?
  • How might people-pleasing be holding me back?

By Joining The Community of Ambitious Women, You Will:

Build Your Confidence

Overcome the fears that hold you back from sharing your true self. Improve your ability to assert yourself, establish boundaries and clarify your wants and needs. And go for them!

Create & Implement Success Strategies

Identify what you are good at and build on them! Learn how to delegate and create daily systems that support growth personally.

Create Work/Life Harmony

Explore your values and establish priorities based on your values and vision. Find out what really brings you joy and get the accountability to create more joy in your life!

Presence in Your Relationships

Through several mindfulness and self-compassion activities, you will learn that true presence comes from internal change and personal development. Once you calm the inner swirl, then you can enter whole into your relationships with others. Imagine how life would transform!


Explore Meaningful Work

Create a career plan that encompasses your gifts, talents, strengths, desires and hopes. Learn how to overcome current blocks in your work and how to start on your dream career path today!

Support and Accountability

Commit to your dreams and achieving your goals. This group is based on the foundation of women supporting each other to help grow and thrive in work and life. Are you ready to hold yourself accountable?


Share your story and meet like-minded people on this spiritual journey to accomplish your goals.

Each month we will explore the areas of career, love, health, community, home, and more. You will break down mental blocks and see beyond limitations. Develop a clear strategy for your personal success and reach your full potential.  Together, we will learn how to rest, recover, regain hope & confidence. 

For only $25/month you will have the accountability, support, and insight to truly embrace your life.

“Kelly is kind, honest and very inspiring… I have since created a business that I love and that is aligned with my soul’s purpose.”

Teresa M.


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