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Why Join Embrace Your Life Coaching Mastermind?

Get unstuck. Step out of overwhelm & stress!

Build the foundation for long-lasting change.

Simplify how you live, love, work, and parent.

Embody peace, love, freedom, cohesion, and confidence.

Enjoy abundance in new opportunities and expanded networks.

A renewed sense of control and wellbeing.

Expanded awareness of purpose, fulfillment, and connectedness.

Feel spiritually alive, and delight in your work and creativity.

When you are your best, you share your best!

End the Endless Searching ~ Stop carrying the burden all on your own!

Solve your Problems ~ Gain insight and perspective to remove barriers.

Experience the joy of having space and energy to create and manifest again!

Skill Building ~ Learn critical skills to help you improve and grow personally and professionally.

Save time and energy by ending the cycle!

Go Further! Grow Your Capacity! Maximize Your Time & Effort!  

See actual ROI as you nurture your career goals and are confident to go for that promotion or build your business!

You will see the benefits of your well-being, work, and family health.

These results are less than 8-Months.


8-Month Mastermind for SEPTEMBER 2022 – INTAKE IS OPEN!

Individualized strategy planning sessions. Apply Today!


Embrace fears instead of letting fears stop you from living. Create your happiness. Develop acceptance and heal your life so you can live, parent, and lead with purpose.

Together we will: interpret your Personality Assessment & Leverage your Strengths, Resume Improvements & Showcase your Accomplishments, Self Marketing & Interview Skill Development, Using your Values to Bring Your Authentic Self to your Work & Improve your Environment.

You will also learn how to: Access your Spiritual Wisdom & apply the Principles of Conscious Living. Harmonize your energy intuitively; slow down mindfully, learn how to rest and restore, and expand, reaching for bigger dreams,… the ones you have tucked away in your heart.

To live consciously is to live in the moment. Evaluate and bring awareness to every aspect of your life – inside and out.

Why live consciously? Know where and how you spend your time. Feel fulfilled by finding your true desires and values. Focus your attention and direct energies where they are needed. Build communication and healthy relationships

It is time to embrace your life, have meaningful work & create new opportunities and abundance.



What to Expect When you Partner with Kelly

“I’ve become more effective at work, and have achieved a clearer focus for both my career and my personal life.

She is an authentic, all-natural, performance enhancer specialist.”

~ Y. Wingate


“Being seen and being heard are two needs we all have; working with Kelly both of these needs were met.

She cultivates a safe space for discovery and growth with her gentle presence and authentic sharing of her own life experiences. Kelly remains a guiding light in my life.”

~ Sheila G.


“Kelly’s work is amazing and is so kind and respectful, insightful and ass kicking, (in the nicest way), when needed – and I needed it.

I was so stuck… Thanks again!”

~ Fay L.


“I have had many teachers over the years, but I honestly can´t think of one that was as pleasant, helpful or effective as you. From participating in your workshops I have experienced a great increase in my self-awareness and confidence, and I will be forever grateful for that…

You showed tremendous expertise and empathy…  Thank you so much for your excellent help.”

~ Dr. Johnson


“Kelly has guided and helped me realize my true potential and capabilities through her coaching.

She was patient and helped build my confidence when I didn’t have any. Her tools and techniques were profound in helping me to blossom.

I am moving forward and it was exactly what I needed! All the steps all of it was so purposeful!!!!

And, I thank her immensely!”

~ Stacey D.


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