This program is an introduction to what I have learned –

from detangling and finding freedom from social expectations

to re-emerging and living fully, with the highs and lows of being

a professional woman with a family.





These strategies will help you discover your true happiness by seeing the true beauty in living a simple life. They will help you manage stress, anxiety, and find your identity again.





It’s time to stop listening to the expectations that others have of you and start listening to what your heart wants. Simplify the way you talk to yourself, the way you experience the world.





Loneliness, chronic stress, & burnout are real.

Pay attention and implement these simple life strategies to embrace your life.

We will focus on simplifying these six key areas of your life:

workplace, social life, financial life, community, home, & self.



Each key area has its own unit for you to read, reflect on, and apply to aspects of your life.


Each video is about 7-10 minutes long, followed by some questions for you to work on in your own time. I encourage you to turn your phone off, get in a comfortable spot, and make this course your time for “me time.”

You desire the Simple Life

When you explore the 6 key aspects of your life: Work, Financial, Social, Community, Home, and Self and simplify them, you will create the foundation for your ideal life to manifest! This $37 course will help you take the next step in designing the life you desire!

Throughout this workshop, you will be asked to reflect and answer questions about your life. Journaling is Healing. Journaling helps you better identify what you want and helps you identify blocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals.  There is something so powerful in starting a new journal! 

“After completing the Lifestyle Design course, I appreciated the way Kelly opened with her own heartfelt experiences. She provides a gentle, encouraging, easy to follow guide to creating your own happiness.”  

Marcy A.