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Life and Career Transformation

Success is often confused with being wealthy – in these cases, we tend to get stuck and overwork ourselves. It’s time we change how we view being successful. Rather than long hours, we should focus on finding balance, embracing that change, and understanding work that truly makes us happy.

With my help, we’ll discover what makes you happy and focus on creating a path to help you achieve the life you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re looking to get unstuck in your career or need help managing a work-life balance – I’m here to help!

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After years of trying to fit into the mold others created for me and trying to be perfect – I realized something… it’s impossible to be perfect. 

After taking the time to accept who am and what I am capable of everything else fell into place. I was able to learn how to follow my heart and embrace the things in my life that made me truly happy.

If you’re feeling out of place in your life and need some actionable inspiration, check out my book “Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose.

Well-being Events/Workshops

Whether you’re a business owner, a manager, or a team leader, my well-being events and workshops are the perfect team-building exercise.

I offer a variety of workshops dedicated to helping individuals and groups find peace and acceptance in their life. Together we can create a customized plan of action that will get you, your business, or your team back on track and heading to success!

Simple Living Strategies

Online Course

Indulge in self-discovery, as you are led to explore 6 key areas in your life to clarify and uncover opportunities and potential areas of growth! Remove distractions and gift yourself the time to reflect and plan.

It’s time to simplify and embrace your life!

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Kelly Maclellan, MSc

Career Well-being Expert, Author, Certified Life and Career Coach with a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counselling. Embrace Your Life Coaching is for the professional struggling to keep it all going. Small Business Finalist Recognition 2022! Specializing in:

* Career Reinvention – Create a plan and strategy to grow your business or position yourself for that promotion.

* Lifestyle Design – Create a vision for your life that captures your genuine desire and deepest values and work-life balance.

With expert guidance and accountability, you will refocus priorities, improve your confidence and transform. We will walk together during this part of your journey toward a more profound experience of meaning and fulfillment in work and life!


Kelly has guided and helped me realize my true potential and capabilities through her coaching.

I think it was the first time in my life I began making career choices for JOY!

My life will never be the same and I owe Kelly a special thanks of gratitude for that!

Kelly is kind, honest, and very inspiring… I have since created a business that I love and that is aligned with my soul’s purpose.

Working with Kelly has the warmth of connecting with a dear friend and the trust of knowing you’re in the hands of a professional.

I have found that Kelly’s deep, thoughtful listening, and helpful “action” tips often lead to new solutions to obstacles or anxieties that I face.