Feeling frantic or depressed? Surrender!

Feeling frantic or depressed? Surrender!

“Beginning is easy – continuing hard”  ~ Japanese Proverb
It can be very exciting when we decide to change our lives. We feel an adrenaline rush as we dream and consider all of the possibilities! Our mind freely imagines all of the wonderful events that will transpire – it can be a euphoric feeling.
However, when these results don’t happen the way or as fast as we expect them to, we become impatient, angry or restless and often give up. Old behaviours begin to creep in based on old uncomfortable and condemning beliefs that take over and we berate ourselves for even setting out on the journey. Our dreams seem out of reach, yet again. We are left deflated and tired.
During these low times, surrender.
Surrender to God, the universal energy. Say, “this is too big for me to carry. Please take over. I release it to you. I trust you. I have faith in your plan for my life.”
Sometimes, we think we need to work out all of the details. Sometimes, we think we need to plan, plan, plan or else all will fall apart. This is not true.
Return to what urged you to follow your heart and dreams in the first place. That dream is your gift, intended only for you.

Ask yourself, what was your initial purpose? What was your vision? Quietly return to this intention, clarify it into one statement and focus on this statement by writing it out in your journal, reading it frequently to yourself.

Your job: Focus only on what you want and not on how it will come about, surrender the how to God.
All will be well again.
Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
*Please feel free to email your feedback, questions, ideas to me directly at: kelly@embraceyourlife.ca
Quick tips to get good zzzzzz’s

Quick tips to get good zzzzzz’s

Enjoy yourself! When we approach life with lightness and have fun during the day, we are more likely to be in the flow and as a result sleep deeply. When we struggle against the flow, we are less likely to be anxious and worry about situations at night while we try to sleep. Not fun.

Be authentic and follow your intuition! Listen to your body, don’t try to be different than what you are. If you feel the need to push yourself physically or mentally – go for it! If you feel the need to nurture yourself and rest – do that! Trust yourself and listen to your body, you have all of the answers. When you do listen, good sleep awaits.

Unload your thoughts. Before bed, create a ritual of writing and release all of your thoughts and concerns. Let go of the burden you carried during the day in your journal. If you tend to wake up throughout the night with ideas or dreams, keep a note pad beside your bed so you can quickly record them so your brain doesn’t cycle them over.

Meditate. If you can’t seem to stop the thoughts in order to go to sleep, imagine all of your thoughts collecting in a giant bag and imagine the heavy bags with all of your burdens and anxieties being carried off away from you. Play with this concept, finding one that suits you best. I personally, like to imagine standing in front of the ocean and having the wind sweeping the thoughts away and the sun shining brightly on me. Do whatever works!

Be grateful. Instead of replaying all of the things that didn’t go your way throughout the day, reflect on the day seeing all of the good things that happened. I am often in awe of how effective this is at creating good sleeping experiences along with good awake experiences!

Enjoy the day and have sweet dreams tonight!

Embrace your life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
Life Coach

It is the weekend!! Get out, get involved and try something new!

It is the weekend!! Get out, get involved and try something new!

Tired of the same old… well,

Learn something – anything! Visit a bookstore or library, visit a museum or gallery, listen to books on tape while you drive, you can learn a new language while you “waste” time in traffic!

Get involved! Support local arts, groups, programs, culture – review community event postings in the paper for ideas. Maybe there is a bake sale, a 5K run or art in the park, stroll the streets looking for something new.

Exercise! Get your blood pumping – go outside for a walk, garden, or even simply stretch – whatever you choose just do it under the sunny sky and breathe in the fresh air!

Just do it! Expand your skill set and pursue that interest – register for that class you have been considering, jump in, no more excuses! Even simply try a new recipe today!

Slow down! Instead of rushing inside when you get home talk to your neighbours. Greet the people you meet during the day – why rush home when there is so much to experience if we linger just a little and get out of our routine.

Enjoy the weekend! & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

What can we do to be sexy?

What can we do to be sexy?

Since getting the weekly call for content from Yumi from Intent.com, my thoughts have been consumed with the topic: Tips on how to feel sexy!

Like yours, my mind immediately went to celebrities. I thought about all of the men and women in the media and pondered – are they sexy? Many are undoubtedly beautiful, stylish and trendy but in my eyes sexiness is different.

I regularly stopped, mouth gaping open at the sexy people I saw walking down the street in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. These people and others in my real life are sexy because of sparkle and walked like they were listening to music – all the time! These are some other elements I came up with:

  • Sexiness is a general body consciousness, an awareness and acceptance of yourself.
  • Sexiness is about having confidence and knowing what you want and what you like.
  • Sexiness is being playful in how you live and what you say; it is less about being serious, rigid and right and more about exploration, expanding, lightness and fun.
  • Sexy people are great listeners; they have nothing to prove so they often are engaged, interested and captivated by other people and things.
  • Sexy people smile and laugh a lot, drawing people in with their positive energy.

Sexiness has so little to do with sex, although if they have all of the above qualities, chances are… 🙂 But sexiness is more about confidence! So…How to feel sexy and feel more confident?

  • Know what you like and think!
  • Love and accept your body!
  • Do more of what you like and that which makes you happy!
  • Lighten up, smile and laugh – a lot!

Enjoy & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre
Life/Career Coach


Heal with Reflexology!

Heal with Reflexology!

Listen as Charlotte from “a little bit of heaven Reflexology” a.k.a. my Mom! 🙂 shares over 10 years of wisdom about Reflexology and Spiritual Healing!


Have you ever gone for reflexology? Did you love it? Do you wonder how it can help you?
Treat your ailments from migraines to stress to high blood pressure with reflexology! Get attuned to your body and practice self-care! Listen in!
Enjoy! And Embrace Your Life!