The Big Question – Fear or Love?

The Big Question – Fear or Love?

Do you live in fear or in love?

If you answered fear – what are you really afraid of? Get clear by identifying your fears. Release them by writing down all of your fearful thoughts and ask how real or threatening these fears really are in this moment. Consider how much energy is being consumed with these thoughts. What conclusions can you draw from this exercise?
The goal is to live in love – in love with your partner, your children, your self, your friends and family, your community and in love with nature.
Remember this question when you are feeling a little down and then Choose harmony, peace, love – let go of drama and fear!
Happy New Year! Embrace your Life!
Indulge during the Holidays!

Indulge during the Holidays!

How do you keep your sense of health & wellness when you are out of your routine, spending more money than normal and being tempted with sweets, decadent foods and wine?

By giving in and accept it! What am I saying? Yes, indulge!

This doesn’t have to be a time of holding back and counting calories – indulge and let go of the guilt. Guilt can be more harmful than being rigid and critical with yourself; so enjoy and have fun! You might be thinking, yikes, I might gain the pounds if I give in all the time!

My message: Indulge in food and drink but keep the bar high! Sample small amounts and take only a slice of the best!

Indulgence can also mean spending decadent amounts of time with your family and friends – indulge in letting the chores go, indulge in longer bubble baths, indulge in long walks outside alone or with your dog and whatever you want to do with your time! Imagine!
Wishing you wellness and peace ~ Have fun and enjoy yourself!

With love,
Searching for a Solution?

Searching for a Solution?


How do we know if we are listening and following our intuition? When goodness and abundance flows naturally into our lives.

When we find ourselves unhappy, desperate and full of despair struggling to get centred again and find happiness we likely are not listening to our intuition.

We stay too long in relationships or mourning old friendships that have taken their course; we may stay in unsatisfying jobs all because we don’t trust that inner voice that says “It is time to let go and move on.”


Furthermore, if we are highly self-aware, we may even recognize that we ignored warning signs about getting into these relationships and jobs at the very beginning!

These warning signs can be a gnawing feeling in your stomach, a clear message, or just a general uneasiness about a situation or person.


Are you faced with a decision that is creating anxiety in your life right now? Maybe you are thinking of changing careers; or getting out of a relationship or planning a big move or even a little one? Use your intuition to help guide you.

The first thing we must do is quiet our mind and increase our self-awareness. Check out this great article on “4 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition” 4 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition
Once we begin to get quiet, listen and then follow our intuition, we become aligned and attract new opportunities, people and situations that bring us closer to our dreams! All is possible!

Enjoy & Embrace your Life!

The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.”– Lao-Tzu

“There is no instinct like that of the heart.” –Lord Byron

“Instinct is the nose of the mind.”-Madame de Girardin

Create Your Own Retreat Space!

Create Your Own Retreat Space!


I am blessed to have a wonderful mother. My Mom is a Reflexologist, so over the last 11 years or so, I have been fortunate to get great treatment at a great price! But more important to getting free reflexology treatments, she has taught me the importance of creating a special space in your home where you can retreat and surround yourself with beauty.


The area where she works is energetically clear and soothing. Crystals surround a bubbling water fountain and others hang as pendants. Angel figurines and art envelope you as you sit safely in the cushy treatment chair. Her extensive spiritual library, inspirational cards and essential oils are all in this space as well. There is so much to look at but all is pleasing to the eye.


My own retreat space has two colourful vision boards and pictures of my family and other close loved ones. I buy myself flowers regularly celebrating their beauty every day and not waiting for someone to buy them for me.


I have also started my own collection of crystals and my own library of books is growing regularly during my life journey as well. I also have candles and soft blankets and pillows and writing journals and meditational cds too… I spend a lot of time there.
Surround yourself with things that lift, inspire and energize you while simultaneously restoring hope, faith and peace. Enjoy!!


Embrace Your Life!
Be Inspired by the Simple Moments

Be Inspired by the Simple Moments

Yesterday, I walked to the end of my driveway to get into my car and stopped to watch as this little boy slowly rode past me on his bicycle.

His head bobbled a bit because of his helmet but it was his blissful smile that immediately caught my eye. I don’t think he even noticed me standing there watching him. He was eating a Popsicle and leaning back in his seat riding “no hands”. He easily balanced himself in his seat while he ate and smiled meandering down the street.

I stood there smiling and wondered what he was thinking. Isn’t that such an adult thing to ponder, “I wonder what he was thinking…?” He was very likely just enjoying his ride and his Popsicle. As adults, we are always judging, confirming, questioning.
I remember times when I would ride my bike home with my friend after our softball games, talking non-stop while chewing huge wads of bubble gum. Or the times I would walk with my sister to the corner store to get penny candy stuffing our faces as we walked home with our little hands dipping rapidly into the little brown bags filled with gummy worms, marshmallow strawberries or fun dipsticks.

Can you remember yourself as a little kid? Can you feel the feeling of simplicity, freedom and peace? We can retrieve these memories whenever we want and be soothed knowing that life can be this simple. Enjoy!
Embrace your life!


De-Stress! Let Go & Go with the Flow!

De-Stress! Let Go & Go with the Flow!

You CAN let Go of Negative Thoughts! Use this technique whenever you feel anxiety, fear, panic, in times of stress or nervousness etc.

You have the power to take yourself out of “that” place and bring your attention to this moment!

Follow these Steps:
1. Recognize when you are having a negative emotion
2. Recognize the thought that is stirring the emotions
3. Let go of the thought by coming back to the present moment

Try this exercise: Close your eyes, we are going to scan the room and our surroundings. Take a deep breath and slowly:

Listen – What do you hear?

Smell – What can you smell?

Touch – What do you feel your body touching? What are your feet touching? Feel where your body is having contact with the floor..

See – Open your eyes. What do you see? Just use one words to describe eg. Table. Blanket. Window. Etc.

Breathe – Take 2 deep breaths and smile.

Open your eyes, look around, you are here in this room – you are safe! There is nothing here that is going to harm you. In this moment, all is well, there is a natural flow and a quiet peace.

“Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” — Chuang Tzu

When we get out of our heads and let go of our negative thoughts, our breathing slows, the sense of urgency is released and we realize that everything is okay. We are surrounded by goodness and abundance in every moment.

Enjoy! Embrace your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach