Blissed Out or Stressed Out?

Blissed Out or Stressed Out?

As Christmas approaches, our schedules are quickly filling up with Holiday parties and family get togethers. We search for the perfect gift, the perfect recipe and glitzty outfit to suit our festive mood. It is a time to be joyful and celebrate the goodness present in our lives!

While most people are glowing with cheer, others may not feel the bliss. Some may be separated from their families because of distance. Others may have lost loved ones this year or in the past and are feeling the loss. And others may be struggling with issues in their lives that are triggered by the holiday season, like bunking up with stress invoking family members.
2009 blessed me with a new family: a baby daughter and a loving husband. I have a lot to celebrate this year! Including Skype!


Video conferencing has kept my family connected since May. Yes, it has been many months since we have physically seen each other including my husband holding his new daughter. Our situation isn’t ideal but we are making it work and it is! We often comment that our story will make a beautiful love story for Isabella one day.

During your holiday, if the winter blues are creeping in, consider your perspective, acknowledging that you have a choice in the way you perceive a situation. Somewhere in the “darkness” of the situation, there is something to hold on to – keep looking and focus on this lightness.

So no matter if you are blissed out, stressed out or joyfully glitzed out, I wish for you some peace and awareness of your power to choose.

Much love, Kelly
How to Find Love After the End of a Relationship

How to Find Love After the End of a Relationship


You can do this!

So here you are, single again and ready to recreate a life you love!

You are in transition! You are letting go of elements of your shared life while simultaneously shaping a different present and future just for you!! In your relationship, you likely made many compromises and forgot a little or a lot of who you are in the process; now is a time to reconnect and become self-aware!
This is your personal life journey, you are the author, and you have choices!
Use this time to develop the best you so when you are ready, you will share the best you in the best relationship possible!
Remember, this is a time to throw yourself into ALL things and relationships that feel good, that bring you pleasure, and that are truthfully aligned with your wants and needs! So go for it! You can join a volleyball team, a book club, and a theatre group!
Imagine pursuing ALL the things that bring you joy starting today!

You may be feeling extremely vulnerable and like you don’t have a lot to give, but this is exactly when you most need to connect with other people.

Surround yourself only with people that support you. People do not have to agree with your decisions, but they need to respect you.

This is the time to let go of old beliefs and open to challenges and growth possibilities. Face some fears and consider that the beliefs and customs you hold may no longer jive with who you have become to be in the world. It might be time to let go of all of these old definitions.

Being single is a time to explore all parts of you and embrace the individual who surfaces. Really see yourself without the shadow of another person. Sexual energy will surface—don’t hide or push it away, embrace it!
Follow these 10 steps to get back out there and create a life you love:

1 – Find an impartial confidant! Lean on your support system!
2 – Get out your dancing shoes! And a friend to go with you!
3 – Get a hobby and throw yourself into it!
4 – Get a journal and write, write, write and write!
5 – Volunteer and get involved!
6 – Get fit! Listen to and feed your body what it needs to get healthy!
7 – Develop clear and mindful boundaries!
8 – Get financially independent or at least get a plan!
9 – Rev up your sexual energy!
10 – Be gentle and loving, let go, and be harmonious in life!

You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back.” Barbara De Angelis
Open, trust and follow your heart!
Embrace Your Life!

Pamper Tip #2 ~ Can anyone say MASSAGE?

Pamper Tip #2 ~ Can anyone say MASSAGE?

Yep, having a massage is my number one way to pamper and treat myself fabulously! I have been going for years and have been blessed to have been worked on by some gifted hands!

One of my ultimate favourite massage therapists at our first appointment, opened up these huge double doors, stood there with dim light twinkling all around him and introduced himself, “Kelly? Hello, my name is Moses. Welcome.” I was in awe; he was divine.

I take my massage therapy very serious. I need to have a connection with someone at a spiritual level. One time, I went to a highly recommended massage therapist in a new city I was living in but the ambiance was lacking; she played the local radio station, furniture ads and all… She was great but the experience lacked depth.

Here are some tips to get the most from your massage treatment.

· If your massage therapist is located at a spa, ask if there is a whirlpool or other water treatment that you can add to your treatment while you wait for your appointment.

· If these services are not available, arrive a little early, bring your favourite book or if this is the only time you indulge in fashion magazines, make sure you have enough time to get the scoop!

· During the massage, casually mention to the therapist that you are so looking forward to some peace and quiet – avoid talking as much as possible and really connect with your muscles and sensations in your body, letting go and relaxing.

· After your massage, don’t book a big evening out. Your hair is likely going to be oily so go home and take an Epsom salt bath. Again grab a book or light candles or both and drink loads of water. Cuddle yourself in a cushy bath towel or robe and go to bed early! Mmmmmm… sounds good?

It is actually one of my personal goals to have the lifestyle that allows for a 1.5 hour massage per week. Heaven!! I publicly set this as my intention. I am open to receive!!

Enjoy and Embrace Your Life!


Pamper Tip #1 – Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers!

Pamper Tip #1 – Don’t wait for someone to buy you flowers!

There is no time like the present to drop into the florist or floral counter at the market and pick up a gorgeous bouquet of flowers – for yourself!
Take your time and browse, be selective and enjoy the process. Heck, smell a few roses!

However, when you search for the perfect bouquet; don’t just say, “I am treating myself to some flowers, I deserve them.”

Really feel it ~ walk into the florist or in the garden or field, consciously intending to indulge yourself, carefully choosing a combination of flowers that expresses your uniqueness, all while recognizing your worth and celebrating all of the goodness in your life!

Flowers are great reflections of the beauty in our life! Enjoy!


Revive Your Dreams!

Revive Your Dreams!

Do you have a dream that keeps resurfacing yet you ignore it or immediately dismiss it?

Why do you push it away? Do you think it is too grand?

Do you shy away from it because of what other people might think about you and what they may say, “Who does she think she is?”

Recently someone complained about their job to me. I asked, What do you really want to do? After a bunch of “I don’t knows”, he shared that he wanted to open up an artsy downtown cafe/restaurant. He smiled when he said it and radiated pure and sweet energy – it was beautiful!

A similar scenario played out recently when I was having a massage. We were speaking about my work as a coach and she shared her concerns about the limited time that massage therapists can practice and didn’t know what to do afterward. I probed a little and a little more and again after a bunch of “I don’t knows”, she told me that she wanted to travel and audit world class spas for magazines and private spa product companies! She nearly sang the words as she told me about her dream! Again, it was so beautiful!

We all have dreams!

Listen for your “I don’t knows” and then dig a little deeper. Listen to your heart, find the image and then sit with your dream for a little while, imagining that you have it all right now and feel the excitement bubble inside of you 🙂 I am getting goose bumps just writing this!

Then ~ Believe it is possible!

How can you believe that the “unbelievable” is possible? By having Faith!

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and a belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~ Gail Devers

Faith overcomes fear and doubt ~ how do we develop and then maintain our faith? Stay tuned for more next week…

Enjoy the day & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

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As a great coach, she knows when you need to reflect & retreat, and when you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. In the few months I’ve worked with her, I’ve become more effective at work, and have achieved a clearer focus for both my career and my personal life. She is an authentic, all-natural, performance enhancer specialist.”

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To a Man Who Loves

To a Man Who Loves

To the man that would pop me up in a tree when I was little and take pictures of me.

To the same man that has inspected ALL of my apartments and houses over the years; examining the quality and potential, always making the point of showing me the fire escapes.

To the man who has stayed up at night worrying about my safety because I didn’t always listen.
To the man that knows 101 different ways to cook chicken; always getting excited about the unique flavouring each time.

To the man that has now retired and to celebrate invested in a sun hat, sporting it regularly and quite fittingly.
To the man that once “became” a tree so that a bird would land on him and didn’t budge when we were all cracking up in the window.

To the man that loves nature and our dog Chloe; together we follow him, as he leads us on tours of his colourful property.

To a man that cares about his friends and family and feels their joy and sorrow and will always lend a helping hand or ear.

My Dad is many things to many people (and birds). To me, he is a man who loves and has been a regular source of inspiration, support and remains a very big influence in my life today.
Happy Father’s Day!