The Art of Living..

The Art of Living..

“A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play: his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.”
~ Francois Auguste Rene Chateaubriand

Enjoy! Embrace your life!

With love, Kelly

How to Share Your Light When you Feel Dull

How to Share Your Light When you Feel Dull

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or grief and are trying to run your business at the same time – take a few minutes and slow down with this gentle heart centering meditation.

Listen to this when you are having a hard time. Get quiet and wait. Let your heart guide you. What messages is it sending to you?

Get comfortable with this truth – that your heart is always speaking to you, guiding you and then follow the wisdom within.

Enjoy! With love,


Be Inspired by the Simple Moments

Be Inspired by the Simple Moments

Yesterday, I walked to the end of my driveway to get into my car and stopped to watch as this little boy slowly rode past me on his bicycle.

His head bobbled a bit because of his helmet but it was his blissful smile that immediately caught my eye. I don’t think he even noticed me standing there watching him. He was eating a Popsicle and leaning back in his seat riding “no hands”. He easily balanced himself in his seat while he ate and smiled meandering down the street.

I stood there smiling and wondered what he was thinking. Isn’t that such an adult thing to ponder, “I wonder what he was thinking…?” He was very likely just enjoying his ride and his Popsicle. As adults, we are always judging, confirming, questioning.
I remember times when I would ride my bike home with my friend after our softball games, talking non-stop while chewing huge wads of bubble gum. Or the times I would walk with my sister to the corner store to get penny candy stuffing our faces as we walked home with our little hands dipping rapidly into the little brown bags filled with gummy worms, marshmallow strawberries or fun dipsticks.

Can you remember yourself as a little kid? Can you feel the feeling of simplicity, freedom and peace? We can retrieve these memories whenever we want and be soothed knowing that life can be this simple. Enjoy!
Embrace your life!

I am.

I am.

“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”
— Charles Haanel ~ the Master Key System


“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I am very happy to announce that the
Follow Your Bliss! Yoga and Meditation
Urban Retreat for the Heart and Soul

on July 19 has only 1 spot left!

In response to this great response, Zahra, the Yoga Goddess and I are offering another retreat on August 23! Thank you for your interest and support! I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

Please feel free to contact me for more details!
It is going to be a rejuvenating experience!
Embrace Your Life!
With love, Kelly
Is something missing? Are you searching for more meaning?

Is something missing? Are you searching for more meaning?

Is something missing? Are you searching for more meaning?

Does this sound like you?

At the end of the day, you sink into the couch mindlessly exhausted by the day’s activities, you think, “Certainly there has to be more than this but my goodness, I am too tired to think!”

You work so hard and are constantly being pulled between work and family responsibilities often feeling guilty for not giving it your all here or there. Your career has plateaued; this isn’t the life you dreamed about.

You do everything right but nothing ever feels right. You manage to fit in a manicure or a hot bath with a glass of red wine or white 🙂 and wish that this luxurious time could last forever. But it doesn’t and you are off racing again responding to what is needed from you.

You are searching for more, more time, more meaning, more something – just different from what you have. You dream about changing your job and being happy – one day… maybe tomorrow, maybe when the kids are older, maybe when I have more money. Does this sound like you?

I heard something the other day that was so true by John Assaraf: Knowledge is not power. Application of Knowledge is Power.

So if you are like most of us who have a few (or many) inspirational self-help books laying around, grab one and begin to really work through it. Apply the information that really resonates with you in your life.

Create rituals each day that reinforce these principles, like journal writing, meditation, visualization, affirmations especially in the morning and evening. If you need a book or want more inspiration, I have created a workbook called Follow Your Heart.

Leaving you with a little inspiration~

“One can not reflect in streaming water. Only those who know internal peace can give it to others.” ~ Lao Tzu
“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” ~ Lao Tzu

Enjoy the day & Embrace Your Life!

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.
Life/Career Coach

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