In a job search? Do you need a coach?

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This is an interesting discussion about why you should or shouldn’t get a coach during your job search or career transition. Take a peak…


You all know what my answer is 🙂

Yes! Working with a coach will help you during this period of transition – however brief disclaimer.. see my other post labelled career coach – about choosing the right coach for you and ensuring they have experience…

Working with a career coach will increase the speed that you will see results than if you were working alone. Also, a coach will hold you accountable to your goals. There is a lot going on during a job search ( eg. fear, family and personal pressure, ideas, big dreams, changing expectations, rejections, hopes, finances) and staying focused can be challenging.

You are well aware of these complexities facing you – as you are in it right now… having to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of navigating the responses from employers can be pretty detrimental to your ego… whew so much!..

So yes, having an experienced, supportive coach to debrief with once per week would help you move faster to your goal and keep you to task, avoiding many of the highs and lows.

A good thing to remember when job searching – is that this period in your life is temporary – you will work again – it is just a matter of time.

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Embrace Your Life

Embrace Your Life

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I often get asked Kelly, what do you do? Well if you were my client, what I do is…

1) Help you break free from all of the “should’s” and “have to’s” in your life
2) Clarify your intentions and goals
3) Create a plan and strategy to align with your ideal life
4) Hold you accountable to your intentions and goals weekly
5) Provide resources and materials to inspire self-growth
6) Encourage, support and the most important is that I believe in you!

Embrace Your Life and Follow Your Heart!
Best wishes always,

Does your dream job seem out of reach?

Does your dream job seem out of reach?

Do you have a dream job? But does it seem unrealistic and out of reach?

It is attainable and you can take steps today to move toward this dream. Start by focusing on how to make yourself marketable to your ideal employer?

1. Know your ideal employer. Find out what they are looking for in ideal employees. Understand what hard skills/qualifications they want. How? There are many ways, including looking at past job postings but another is to conduct informational interviews. It is always beneficial to create a relationship when marketing a product, in this case you are that product so make these important connections.

How to start? Create three lists: A, B, C – A being your top companies and practice interviewing with the C companies with the intention of learning and identifying the skills that they are looking for that your current skill set is missing.

Getting this information will identify areas that you will need to bridge likely through assuming a volunteering position, a new job or a certificate, course or degree or additional job duties at current employer.

*Remember – if there is a good fit and your skill set meets most of what they are looking for, often companies will hire and train the person as you cannot train someone to fit in to a corporate culture.

So without talking about an employment position with this company – treat this informational interview as a possible employment interview or connection for future employment positions.

2. Know what you want and be able to clearly communicate what it is exactly that you are looking for in your ideal job. With this in mind, then formulate questions to get the answers you need, should you have to sort out several job offers. 🙂

3. Know Your Strengths: when considering your attractiveness to a company– look at all of your skills including your volunteer, travel experience, soft skills and education. What does pursuing a degree while working full time say to a potential employer? And what about ability to speak foreign languages, international travel experience and a personal commitment to health and wellness?

4. Use your contacts: connect with people, ask for what you want, get names and ask for permission to use these names and send thank you notes.

Things can happen overnight or this can be a slower process, try to enjoy the journey, be open to opportunities and new ideas and trust that you are going in the right direction!
You really can have what you want!

Best wishes to you,

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.

Gain Self-Awareness First!

Gain Self-Awareness First!

Believe it or not but the first step in moving toward your dream job is NOT searching the hundreds of job boards on the internet looking for the perfect job. This endless searching can leave you feeling hopeless, frustrated and isolated! Anyone identify?

The first step in finding your dream job is to start by exploring exactly what YOU want!! The job descriptions you are reading online are examples of exactly what employers want. Start with yourself!

Here are some questions that will help you out, this activity is an excerpt from my new e-workbook called Helping you Follow Your Heart – 7 Steps to Align with your Vision!

When you close your eyes and dream about the perfect way to spend your time during the day, what are you doing?

  • Imagine that you are completely exhilarated and focused at work, what are you doing?
  • What do you enjoy spending your money on?
  • Imagine having all of the material things you want now. Describe using your senses what it is like having them.
  • When you feel completely competent, proud and rewarded at work, what are you doing?
  • In your ideal career, how much money are you making?

Complete these sentences and write out your answers:

1. When I was a child, I was known by my friends to always…
2. When we would play, I always…
3. I used to dream of being a…
4. When my parent’s would talk about me and my siblings they always said that I was the … one. 5. When I get ready to go to work on Monday morning, I feel…
6. If a problem arises at work, I feel…
7. When I leave my job to go home I feel…
8. When I talk about my job, I usually say…

Summary:In my ideal life, my career can be described as…

Get what you want by knowing what you want!

Contact me anytime with questions, feedback or more information about how to get the new e-workbook! Check out my new blog called Create a Brand! Create your Career!


How to choose a Career Coach?

Happy Tuesday to you!

Are you in the market for a career coach?

How do you sort through all of the gimmicks and tag lines tempting to answer and solve all of your problems? There are so many people out there posing as experts and so much information!! How do you choose who is right for you?

Tip: The fit between a client and coach is very important so be wary of coaches that do not offer a free consultation. AND check out this article and get some great advice!

Good luck to you and contact me anytime if you have questions or need assistance!

Best wishes to you today,

Kelly McIntyre M.Sc.


Visualize! It really works!

Visualize! It really works!

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
— Napolean Hill

Let me share the story…

A few months ago here in the Dominican Republic, one of my good American friends asked me to meet her for a working lunch. We weren’t there to chat about the normal stuff: shopping, culture, politics, travel, relationships 🙂 etc.. she wanted me to help her make a life decision.

She was making okay money and was happy. The problem was that she was just offered a seat in a Masters program at an Ivy league school – what should she do? School didn’t feel like the right direction but she was getting pressure to go and people were saying that she would be crazy to turn down such an opportunity! Things were ok in her Dominican life but admittedly not perfect, change was looming.

We talked for about two hours. I asked her to describe to me specific details using her senses about her picture of the ideal work environment and to transport us there together. What is she wearing? What kind of people is she working with? What does the office look like? What does it sound like? What kind of things would she like to do on the weekend? (indicating a city or a town?) Even, what kind of technology she would she be using?

We were even able to narrow down the skills that energized her and from there a few career areas appeared. Soon enough she transported us to this fantastic “ideal” picture – as she spoke, her voice changed. She was sassy, funny, confident! She could feel this picture! She was radiant!

A plan was developing! We sat there in that booth buzzing with energy!! It was awesome!!

A couple of months went by without any big changes and just a few weeks ago she left the DR after accepting a new job. We connected this morning by email and this is what she said…

“Sometimes I leave the office building, which is in midtown Manhattan, and I just look up at all the skyscrapers and look around at all the super fasionable businesspeople and I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe that this is actually happening.

I was thinking just the other day as I was walking down the street… this is exactly the vision that I described to Kelly just a few months ago when we were sitting at the restaurant! That’s it. I’m here!”

Congratulations and thank you Mandy for letting me share your story!

Follow Your Heart!

With love,


“The moment of enlightenment is when a person’s dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities.” — Vio Braden