Entrepreneurial Series – Branding Basics

Entrepreneurial Series – Branding Basics


Let your entrepreneurial self shine by understanding branding basics that you can apply online and offline.

Branding is all about choosing how you want to be perceived by others. When you are self-employed, it is vital to your success that your branding is consistent with who you really are. People are watching and feeling your brand – online and off. Choosing to show up consistently in your life and business is essential in creating an authentic profile that other people will be attracted to and understand. 

This is not about people pleasing – you don’t have to be perfect – you have to be REAL!

 It is about getting real about who you are and who you serve. You have to understand why your business exists and what you sell and and why people need what you sell! Building a foundation will help you reach your clients… and grow your business!

 TIPS ONLINE – Consider these questions about you are presenting yourself online and record your answers.

  • What words continue to appear in your message online?
  • How do you describe yourself and your message?
  • What are your key strengths?
  • How do other people describe you – think character traits.
  • What sets you apart from other people in your industry?
  • What is your key message – your story?
  • Why do you do what you do? 

Be solution focused, share how you can help people solve their concerns and problems.

 Quick activity – Take a look at your About Me page on your website and your profile on your Facebook Page and Group and other online profiles. Does your profile reflect any key words that have the flavour of your strengths, character traits, your message, story and clearly states how you can solve your customers’ problem? Write it down. 

When you become mindful of your vibe, make sure that it is infused into your copy writing, the images you choose, the colours, fonts and general feel of your image online. When people pop onto your profile or site, make it clear how you can help them with their problem. If they see, hear and feel your message – people will know what to expect from you and form trust with you. It will begin to feel like the reader knows you and they will even begin to like you and buy from you! 

Trust is essential in building relationships and when you can clearly demonstrate who you are, what you believe in and then share your message consistently – You will attract customers! I can honestly say that I have not spent more than a few hundred dollars in advertising in nearly a decade of owning my business. My business is based on referrals. I attract people from networking, live events, speaking engagements and through blog posts and groups I have contributed to online. The ability to quickly establish and build trust is becoming even more important in today’s business environment, where partnerships and strategic alliances are common practice.


TIPS OFFLINE Consider this: If someone bumped into you offline, do you present the same image you do online? 

Being authentic and present in your life is essential in growing your business. When you are actively present in your life, people take notice. When you walk into a room with confidence and presence, people can feel that energy! It doesn’t matter if you are an extrovert or introvert, people can feel that you believe in yourself and that energy translates again into trust! 

And trust translates into sales. 

When you are in person, know how to share and speak about your business, so you might be able to connect with people who need your service or product. The person you are speaking to might not need your services BUT they might refer you to someone they know that needs your work. 

Elevate your comfort level about speaking about your work AND know how to answer the question “What do you do?” If you freeze and stumble when you are asked that question, I can help! That is what I love to do. 

I help you, an entrepreneurial women gain confidence and clarity to market your business, one that is aligned with your life purpose. I guide you to implement time management strategies and energy focusing practices so you can reconnect with your vision so you can make the difference in the world that you dream about. When you do this work, you will re-ignite your passion for your work and you will begin to attract abundance! When you are focused and take mindful action you will have more energy to share in your business and your life! 

Authentic business translates to: 

  •  less time wasted,
  •  increase in energy and
  •  higher return on investment. 

How does this happen? Because your branding and your services are aligned with your higher purpose and you attract higher paying, happy customers who send more customers like them back to you! Your confidence will soar because this approach is rooted in your soul, your heart! 

I hope that whatever you are facing as you build your business, you will be able to find the courage and inner strength to overcome! 

 If you would like to read about how to make and accept change in your life, consider purchasing my book, Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose. I would love to sign a copy for you! Click here for more details on how I can help you.

If you need assistance or guidance on how to begin your journey, I also offer one-on-one coaching services at Embrace Your Life coaching. If I can be of any help to you, I would love to schedule a complimentary session to discuss your goals.








5 Strategies to Identify Your Niche

5 Strategies to Identify Your Niche

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Together we provide our small business clients with coaching, mindset and design and technology solutions.

We want to share our personal journey with you because we believe our paths are crossing for a reason.

We plan to use this time together to inspire you to go for your dreams in a BIG way!

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Enjoy! Kelly & Tara

5 Strategies to Identify Your Niche

Avoid Making this Mistake!

Today I wanted to talk to you about Competition!

Let me ask you –When you see someone online that is doing really well in their business. They are travelling, their photos are exotic and or has more likes or fans than you?

Do you Feel Jealous?

What happens in your body? This is very real! So pay attention 😊

You might be saying to yourself – “I show up every day! And try and try.. Why isn’t my business growing?”

Today I am going to give you 3 reasons to stop comparing yourself to others!

1) You have NO idea what that person did to get to the spot they are in.
I focus on this because we are making judgements without the information. Some people work day and night for a decade to get where they are at. They hire the best coaches, technical team, etc etc to help them get there. And that is awesome!! But if you just started and don’t have the funds to access those resources, don’t compare yourself!

2) You have NO idea what happens in the person’s life when the camera is off.
We all project our best online – there is research that supports this. So take a closer look – we are all human! Don’t elevate others unrealistically!

3) You have NO idea that they are delivering what they are promising.
Remember we are constantly being marketed to. There are some people who are REALLY good at marketing! It can be hard based on the surface to see just how good they are at what they are selling.

So – don’t compare yourself! Just get really good at what you are doing!! And if you are jealous it is because you really really WANT something that they have. So write it down and focus on manifesting it! If they have it, it means that it is possible!

By being judgemental instead of inspired about someone who is truly making a difference and succeeding in business, we are wasting valuable time and energy. Like a rollercoaster of highs when we accomplish something in our own business but then seeing that someone else appears to have done something similar before us.

This is a never-ending cycle!

So Be Your Best Self!

In the spirit of this message, I have organized a series of interviews that will happen over the next month with a few female entrepreneurs who are going to share strategies on leading authentically and living according to their life purpose.

To stay connected with me join my FB group the Authentic Wealthy Solopreneur and download the planning worksheets to help you get focused!

With love, enjoy!!


6 Steps to Attracting & Keeping Repeat Customers

6 Steps to Attracting & Keeping Repeat Customers


If you are looking for more meaningful engagement with your current and new customers – Follow these 6 steps!

Surprise – The Change Begins with You!

Often when we aren’t attracting the results we want, we can spend a lot of time complaining and/or criticizing ourselves and others for the things we are frustrated with or don’t like.

We focus on the numbers that we DON’T have and are FRUSTRATED when are numbers aren’t growing as fast as we want.
When we are feeling down, we procrastinate on the important business growing activities because we are spinning with too many things to do which ends up diminishing our confidence.

Answer this: How often do you complain? Are you delaying anything because you are overwhelmed?

Consider all of the skills and strengths and look for ways to demonstrate your best every day.
Ask yourself these questions:
• What am I bringing to the table here?
• What am I contributing? Do I present solutions?
• What can I do to improve the environment in my business and in my relationships?
• Am I implementing the best time management strategies?
• What do I need to focus on?

Look around and see all of the things that are going right in your business.
Look for the things that you are grateful for and write them all down to remind yourself.
ACTION: Create a Thank You promotion to spread the gratitude with your customers.
Show the people you interact with just how much you appreciate them!

When are you most happy in your work?
What do you want to be doing more of with your time?
Write out a list of ideal duties, projects or partnerships you want to be doing more of – get in touch with what really makes you happy!

Consider delegating tasks or decreasing your offerings.
Maybe it is time to streamline: What opportunities exist for maximizing your time now that you know what lights you up?
Find out what you need in order to get where you want to go!
Talk to people, network, tell them clearly what you do and how you can help them solve their problem!

Become the ideal Problem Solver for your customer – Show them that you are happy, self-aware and focused.
* Be the person they need to solve their problem.
* Work from this space as frequently as possible! AND have a life outside of your business!
* Take a course, volunteer and meet new people!
*Find a mentor, a coach, a time management planner that works and surround yourself with supportive people!

AND remember, you started a business because there is something burning inside of you that wants to be shared! Believe in yourself!  Follow these steps to really get out of you head and focused on providing the best service to your customers!

Enjoy the process!

How to Talk to Your Partner about Money!

Money talks can be challenging! As a Solopreneur you are trying hard to keep costs down and DIYing everything you can! You spend hours learning online marketing strategies and get frustrated when technology blocks you from expressing your gifts!!

I get it!! I know the pain of the ups and downs of getting in the flow and then being stopped by having to learn something new again and again…


You are exhausted with the process of going it alone and you finally admit you need help! So you jump on webinar after webinar and you sit there ready to click the button to invest in training whether it is Facebook ads, copy writing training, webinar training, Pintrest training etc. etc. etc. but then you think, “Oh my goodness my partner is going to kill me!!!” or maybe it isn’t so dramatic but you don’t want to get into the whole MONEY TALK!

I created this video to give you a few strategies I have learned to help you handle this situation AND develop a deeper level of trust with your partner and confidence in yourself as a business owner! Have a listen:

(Don’t laugh too hard at this still shot of me about to sneeze!!)


I invite you to continue the conversation in my FB group – link is also below! AND to learn more about Getting Started with Business Planning and Branding Strategy in my 30 day self-study with live coaching program!

Enjoy!! With love,


Kelly MacLellan, M.Sc.


Entrepreneurial Series – Branding Basics

Discover Your Life Purpose

As an entrepreneur you have BIG dreams! You know there is an abundance of passionate energy bubbling inside of you!! But sometimes you can be pulled in different directions and overwhelm can set in.

You may also look around and try to replicate what other people are doing but your heart just isn’t in it. You think, why isn’t this working and begin to compare yourself to others who seem to be successful. All of this behaviour leaves you feeling frustrated and wanting to give up.

NOW IS THE TIME TO FOCUS YOUR ENERGY – You really are closer than you think to living your life purpose!!

Discovering your life purpose and sharing your passion in the world through the work you do every day will attract abundance, prosperity and peace into your life and will ripple into your family and your community!


Authentic business translates to:

  • less time wasted,
  • increase in energy and
  • higher return on investment.

When your messages and products are aligned with your higher purpose, you attract higher paying, happy customers who send more customers like them back to you!

And that process has nothing to do with comparing, replicating or looking outward to others, it has everything to do with going inward and getting authentic!

And when that happens… Your confidence will soar because this approach is rooted in your soul, your heart and you will experience the joy of living your life purpose! Get Started by accepting my gift to you! 

Enjoy the process!

With love, Kelly