Hello! I’m Kelly

M.Sc., Rehabilitation Counsellor, Author, Certified Life & Career Specialist with a spiritual twist.

Embrace Your Life founded in 2008 and has helped hundreds of people rebuild their lives after life-changing events by breaking through personal and professional limits to find hope.  Embrace Your Life is for the professional who is struggling to find purpose in the face of change, transition and loss. Coaching will help you close the gap between reality and your vision of your future – for yourself and your family. You will ease into change, embracing it rather than resisting it. 

My career is built on serving public and private clients looking to rebuild their careers – and lives, after loss. They struggle to find fulfillment. I am a member of the The Institute of Coaching at McLean, Harvard Medical School Affiliate and my training is recognized by ICF – International Coach Federation. 

I deeply love learning and am continually studying material in labour economics, psychology, human resources and grief and bereavement.

My personal story of healing and transformation inspires the core message of my business Embrace Your Life Coaching which I started in 2008, after I reimagined my life after loss…which lead me to the Caribbean! Read more here.

I believe that fulfillment is experienced by living a purpose-driven life, and meaningful work provides an opportunity to share your gifts with the world.

I have always approached work as an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society.

Even in my first job of scooping ice cream and my second when I would feed the residents in a nursing home, to more recently speaking to large groups or doing business consulting, negotiating, or coaching professionals to find more fulfillment and success –

My work has always been about seeing the person in front of me and all their potential and reflecting on their brilliance to find solutions together. It’s powerful and transformational.

My Background:

 When looking for a coach, you want someone qualified with experience helping you with important life decisions! 

As a Career Change Specialist, Author, Certified Life and Career Coach with a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counselling, a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Diploma in Social Services and Certificates in Human Resources, Counselling, Creative Writing and a current student of Thanatology and Mindfulness Teacher Training,

I will draw on accumulated knowledge and wisdom to customize a strategy with you to help with whatever you are facing in your life.

What I Offer


Career Reinvention

Create a lean business plan and strategy to grow your side business or secure the ideal job.

Lifestyle Design

Create a vision for your life that captures your true desire and deepest values.

Stress Management

Learn and apply mindfulness tools to transform your energy.

Improve Relationships

Expand your capacity to connect and communicate with loved ones.


Free Clarity Sessions

Group Meetings

Join the community of the ambitious, goal-oriented, passionate women.

Transformational Change

Several years have passed since I began my transformational journey. Today, I am honoured to partner with other professionals who are courageously ready to take the following steps in finding fulfillment in their lives and careers.

Whether you want to be a role model in promoting workplace wellness or be an enlightened leader, personally have better career alignment, or experience more profound connections with the people you care about, I can help you.

Because of my intention and commitment to providing the best for my clients, I have invested in advanced education in leadership, business, career, and personal development programs. As your coach, I will cheer, challenge, teach, and share my resources, all customized to your situation. 

My work inspires hope and guides you to live and work with purpose and fulfillment.

You are here in this moment; the future is ahead, and the past is behind ~ What do you want to create? How do you want to be in your life?

I would love to partner with you as you heal, plan and transform your life!

With love, Enjoy!


“I have had many teachers over the years, but I honestly can´t think of one that was as pleasant, helpful or effective as you. From participating in your workshops I have experienced a great increase in my self-awareness and confidence, and I will be forever grateful for that…you showed tremendous expertise and empathy…Thank you so much for your excellent help.” ~ Dr. Johnson

“Kelly assisted me with planning and refocusing my goals in life. She helped me to understand the potential I had and help me gain the confidence in pursuing a new direction. Kelly was a great support throughout the changes in my life and was always there to talk to when things would get me down. She continues to be a mental source of confidence for me… Kelly has valuable insight that people will definitely benefit from.” ~ Barb N.

“Over the past couple of months, my life has changed… For the past couple of months, I’ve had a Life Coach. With her as my guide, my supporter, my cheerleader and accountability provider, I have navigated through many of the obstacles that have been holding me back for so long. As a Life Coach, Kelly can assist people with many areas in their lives…Careers, relationships, health/wellness, goals, and most importantly, discovering a sense of balance between them all. I’m sharing all of this with you… because I am proud of the distance I have traveled to get to where I am today and to see where I am going for the first time – EVER.” ~ Skye W.

“Kelly definitely embraces life to the fullest and her enthusiasm is contagious. As a great coach, she knows when you need to reflect & retreat, and when you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. In the few months I’ve worked with her, I’ve become more effective at work, and have achieved a clearer focus for both my career and my personal life. She is an authentic, all-natural, performance enhancer specialist.” ~Y. Wingate 

“I have found that Kelly’s deep, thoughtful listening and helpful “action” tips often lead to new solutions to obstacles or anxieties that I face, and always leads to an increased sense of peace about facing those obstacles and anxieties. “ ~ Katrina R.,  Princeton graduate

“I am a naturopathic doctor. 2013 taught me that you can be happy and successful and still be “stuck”. I decided early in 2013 that I wanted to surround myself with more like-minded women and so I attended the first meeting of the “Breathe and Be Well” group where Life Coach Kelly MacLellan was discussing vision boards and excerpts of her book “Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose”. At the end of the seminar I was overwhelmed by the realization that I have everything I want right in front of me, everything I had “called” for, but there was more work to be done. I had carved out a nice comfortable crevice in my happy life and I had stopping working at my life. I was just living in it. I had forgot to keep dreaming. So always the eager student I got to work right away on my vision board. I gathered all the magazines I had laying around the house and got to work. I cut out any words or pictures that made me smile. That was my only rule. And let me tell you what I created still brings tears to my eyes. It hangs in my office where I can see it every day and on occasion share it with select patients.

My vision board got me dreaming again and oh what a year it was. I woke up my life. I took my private practice to a new level by finding an associate and adding community events to my schedule. I took my love life to a new level by getting engaged. I took my health to a new level by restarting yoga and committing to my running practice. It is 2014 and I am happy to be looking at a new year with great anticipation. What a difference a year makes.” ~ Dr. Kelly Upcott

“Kelly was one of the first people to ask me, “What is your passion?” “I don’t know, was my answer.” Kelly deeply listened to my response (and my unsaid emotions) and guided me through various questions and exercises to gain more clarity and understanding into who I am and what I was looking for. Kelly was also the first person to introduce me to the idea of self-care and taking oneself on a date- revolutionary concepts for me at the time!

Being seen and being heard are two needs we all have; working with Kelly both of these needs were met. She cultivates a safe space for discovery and growth with her gentle presence and authentic sharing of her own life experiences. Kelly remains a guiding light in my life.” ~ Sheila G.

“Kelly’s work is amazing and is so kind and respectful, insightful and ass kicking, (in the nicest way), when needed – and I needed it – I was so stuck… Thanks again!” ~ Fay L.

“I first called Kelly at a time in my life when I felt like the person I saw in the mirror was suddenly unrecognizable to me…where did the confident, fun loving, and silly girl, I once was go? The life I found myself in, was nowhere near what I had expected for myself. During the process of working with Kelly, she has offered me thought provoking self reflection with clear undeniable truth…’my own truth’. It didn’t happen overnight; however, through her patience, compassion, and great skills; I learned to develop trust in my own intuition; I am finally in a job I love to go to every day, I no longer apologize to others for just being me; I stand proud in my own truth and honour the differences in others; I know when I make a mistake, that it’s still going to be okay. When I am making a choice or decision, I make it a thoughtful endeavor. The journey towards finding myself is a journey that still continues today. Kelly will always get a phone call from me from time to time when I am having difficulty hearing the truth from within or when my head and my heart are conflicted with indecision; because her methods are clear, effective, and enable me to continue honoring my ‘self’.  She would have it no other way. Xo” ~ Erin T.




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