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Momentum Membership – It’s time to create change together and find sustainable fulfillment!




When you join the Momentum Community,

You will be investing in the infrastructure to hold your dreams.

Here is what you will receive:

*Three individual 60-minute coaching sessions to clarify your vision and craft your goals,

*Weekly assignments with private email access to share and receive customized feedback,

*Monthly Live Group Q&A Zoom Calls to learn and develop skills,

Private Facebook Group for sharing wins and connecting with others on a similar transformational journey,

*Option to have an accountability partner, AND

the invitation to our Annual Wellness RETREAT in the Fall of 2023!

When you set out to change your life, the blocks can be hard to blast through. It is hard to do it alone.

But together… when you focus and refocus on your vision and maintain your momentum, the setbacks aren’t roadblocks, and you can get to where you want to go faster and with more ease and joy!

I invite you to join me and our group for 2023!


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