The Power of Visualization


I created my first vision board (left) in early 2007 after watching and being inspired by the movie The Secret and working through the transformational work of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

My vision board was such an integral part of my life transition that I even brought it with me when I went to the Dominican Republic! It is very personal, and at first, I felt a little vulnerable sharing it with others in my work. However, after much thought, I decided to share it with the hope that it might inspire you to create one too and that you will experience its powerful impact in your life as well.

I would set up my vision board in front of me while I worked, or it would accompany me when I would take long candlelit baths. And if I was in my bedroom reading, then I would lean it against a wall in my bedroom.

Having constant, clear, and vivid reminders of my ideal world guided my behavior toward what I really wanted in my life. Whenever doubt surfaced, I chose in favor of my pictures. I am a very visual and hands-on person, so this method of the vision board really worked for me. You may be different, but that isn’t a reason not to do this exercise.

You can capture your ideal world by creating your own video with audio and watch or listen to it every day. You can even simply write down everything you want and then record yourself describing your dreams. There is even vision board software available if you want to create a computerized version of the vision board.

EMBRACE YOUR LIFE COACHING kelly maclellan VISION BOARD POWER 600x50look at the bottom right corner of my vision board . There is a woman who is writing at her desk in front of a laptop computer; there are books piled all around her. Her desk is in front of enormous windows that overlook the ocean. Nearly every day, I would close my eyes and imagine myself as this woman. I would imagine sitting at my desk in this office, that I was holding her pen and writing a letter to my best friend describing the beautiful view from the window.

Not even a year later, I was this woman and that was my office! It was incredible! And I am not exaggerating the degree of accuracy! This is where I started my coaching practice and started writing my first book.

Since this time, I have created three more vision boards, because as you manifest your dreams, you will have more dreams and then even more dreams. You will continue to grow and will want to bring these new pictures into your life! Keep your vision boards as a reminder of your journey and accomplishments.

Create your Vision Board

  • Collect a variety of magazines from a variety of sources.
  • Gather art tools: glue, scissors, and a piece of Bristol board.
  • Put on some music and relax, breathe, and open your mind and your heart.

Remember to:

  • Avoid judging and criticizing or limiting your imagination, and begin flipping through magazines, tearing out anything that stands out for you.
  • Tear out pictures of things, people, ideas, words—anything you want in your ideal life or that represents a feeling of what you want to create in your life.
  • Organize the pictures, piling them into the three main areas:
    • relationships, career, and health and wellness—and another pile for other various and special pictures or phrases.
    • Arrange the pictures creatively, cutting them if necessary, and secure them onto the Bristol board using the glue

How to use it:

  • Place the vision board in a place that you see regularly.
  • Each day, for as little or as long as you want, look at the pictures on your vision board and close your eyes. Using your imagination, transport yourself into your ideal life, and use your senses to experience these pictures.
  • Create a 20 second+ video in your mind, seeing yourself be in the image you desire.

Vision boarding is a powerful tool for manifesting what you want in your life.

It is very easy to let your mind wander to places of defeat, powerlessness, and fear. When we become intentional about our thoughts, our behavior follows. Just as negative thinking can compound and lead you, spiraling toward feelings of depression, positive thinking can compound and generate powerful feelings of hope and possibility.

Creating a vision board reinforces what we want to attract into our lives and keeps our thoughts focused intentionally.

Most importantly ~ Have fun, keep an open mind and heart, enjoy and trust the process!