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EMBRACE YOUR LIFE COACHING kelly maclellan KELLY AT DESK 200x300As a certified life and career coach with a Master’s degree in counselling, my passion is to guide women inward to access their deep knowing during the transformation process that we travel together.

My work has evolved to partner with women embarking on a new career including new life coaches. My clients are active, intelligent, entrepreneurial women who are passionate about helping others in their new businesses all while caring for their family and themselves. They seek harmony and success and JOY!

Through my coaching practice I help these women develop their intuition, increase their self-awareness and then develop enough faith to trust and act on the messages leading them to follow their hearts.

When we get quiet enough, we will hear that the answers we seek are within.

Women work with me when they have been searching for something that they want to attract into their lives. There is a feeling, something pulling them to act and align with their passion, or, if their business is already established, to reconnect with their vision! Big changes! And big changes require care, thoughtful introspective questioning and concrete action planning!

This is my life purpose to guide women to share their gifts, enjoy life fully and serve the world! The outcome: Focused, Empowered, Passionate individuals inspiring others… including their children, which then has a ripple effect into the communities in which we all live!

I create a safe place for my clients to open their hearts and share their stories and dreams. I closely listen and gently guide them through the authentic programs I offer to identify their life purpose. I share my knowledge of how to align authentically your life and career, creating a fulfilling life and lovingly share your true self with others.

My mantra: embrace your life! I look forward to connecting with you! LEARN MORE ABOUT KELLY

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