You know deeply within you that you have a gift that you need to share. 

But you are blocked!

And you are tired. Really tired.

You know that something has to change.

You feel paralyzed and know that what you are doing isn’t working.

You are so tired of struggling. You yearn to have meaning in your life

You wake up at night, afraid.

Afraid that you have wasted your time, that all of your work isn’t enough.

You will never make the difference you dreamed of in the world.

You feel isolated with your fear, frustration and pretend to be happier than you are.

You are afraid they are right.

Do you wish you could finally get real?

Finally let someone in and admit that you need help? Are ready to share the load?

You know your work is so important to walk away from, so don’t give up!

It is time to stop giving to everyone else in your life but yourself.

Don’t waste another day, going it alone.

I work with women who want to make a difference! But they are struggling to do it all, who are looking to reconnect with their passion, excel in their work, get organized, find new clients, change careers and earn money! The time is now to give up the idea that you have to struggle and do this work all alone.

As your mentor, we will partner for 6 months with an option of 12 months for the Mentorship program, you will receive:

Monthly 60 minute private confidential coaching calls designed to create and maintain personal and professional development AND you will elevate your level of expertise, improve your confidence and gain exposure resulting in new clients and business growth!

You will COMPLETE the following:

  • Lean Business or Career Plan,
  • Branding or Marketing Strategy
  • Create & Deliver Your Own Signature Workshop!!


If you register for 12 months: you will also receive 

  • 4 ADDITIONAL 90 minute individual coaching calls scheduled when you need them in 2021,
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL access for the entire mentorship!
  • & EXCLUSIVE ACCESS and DISCOUNTS to upcoming events including an annual “Fulfilled Women” retreat!

** ALSO, you will save hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars – because you will be focused!

Imagine what you can create if you are finally focused in one direction on one vision! Imagine!

Here are the details of the Mentorship program:

You are closer than you think!!
January: VISION ~Together we will focus, clarify your concerns and areas that require healing. Healing from grief, loss, transition. We will uncover your current relationship with money and blocks, address your flow of giving and receiving and develop personalized success mindset strategies for you to implement. We will develop goals and you will receive the manifestation worksheets – daily and weekly to guide you through the transformational experience personally and professionally.
February: INTUITION: Identify what you want to change and how you want to feel. We tend to let go of our power, without even being aware we are doing so and forget how to be present in our own lives. We lose our voice. This month is about reconnecting, and creating the sacred space to dream and create. Topics include: Hearing your voice, listening and nourishing yourself, sitting with fear, analyzing what is true, recognizing openness, awareness, and warmth.
March: YOU AS PRIORITY ~Together we will focus on your stress management strategies, conflict resolution skills and self care practices. We will begin to use the Lean Business Planning Template and discuss the vision, mission and identity of your business. You will also begin to craft your Signature Workshop!
April: CLARITY ~ You will develop clarity around your goals and vision for your ideal life by removing distractions and focusing instead on what you deeply desire. Topics include: preparing for and taking risks, refining your intuition and self image, harnessing your imagination and creativity, changing your mindset and affirming your goals and vision. Continuation of developing your Signature Workshop!
May: PROMOTION ~ Together we will review your progress on your relationship with money, giving and receiving and self-compassion. We will continue to use the Lean Business Planning Template and you will share the uniqueness, value and benefits of your product/service. We will speak about your sales process and forecast, pricing strategy and general financial information such as revenue and expenses. You will develop scripts on how to market your Signature Workshop online and off!
June: EXPANSION ~ This month you will be focused on getting clear about your purpose in life and in business. You will begin to implement your action plan in marketing your Signature Workshop and see how you attract clients that you are excited about working with. You will clarify and share your story and feel joy as you see immediate results in referrals and your confidence! Topics include: communicating your message in your copy, networking conversations, aligning your business activities and relationships with purpose, implementing an action plan, designing your life aligned with success strategies.
July: CONFIDENCE ~ Together we will review your Lean Business Plan and Signature Workshop progress. We will begin working with the Branding Strategy template and practice your answer to the question: “What do you do?”. We will discuss additional strategies to share your Signature Workshop online and offline. The goal is remove the fear or self-consciousness about talking about yourself and your business.
August: FEARLESS ~ This month you will reassess your values, priorities and develop time management strategies that transform your business and your energy! You will learn techniques on how to reduce anxiety and fear by transforming your mindset to be grounded and present in your life! How to use the emotion of your dream to overcome the fear of taking a risk that may make it all happen for you! Topics include: letting go of control, judgement and trusting the process, working with your natural rhythm, purpose and faith, exploring your strengths, and remove the not-so-fun or weak areas, how to eliminate draining tasks by time-blocking and to do lists.
September: AUTHENTICITY ~ Together we will address Communication, Assertiveness, Delegation & Pleasure, Passion, Presence. The goal is to increase your comfort in sharing your authentic nature with others when you are doing public speaking. We will talk about how to be vulnerable, share yourself in relationships, while maintaining your centre and being juicy in your life! We will discuss energy awareness, boundaries and the importance of harmony in the mind/body/spirit connection and review your success to date!
October: PROFESSIONALISM ~ Together we will discuss your Coaching Skills and strategies on how to get your clients the results they crave! You will hone your strengths as a Coach and develop a format for each coaching call that will have your clients referring everyone they know! We will focus on the key elements of Active Listening and practice role playing to help you sell your programs!
November: REFLECTION ~ This month is an implementation month to finish your business plan, branding strategy, signature workshop and any other projects. You will also create a comprehensive list of what worked, your triumphs and wins for this year to date!!
December: EXCELLENCE ~ Together we will assess your progress and your efforts to reach and serve your clients. We will review success and develop an action plan to keep the momentum going for the next year!!
 Why Hire A Mentor:

End the Endless Searching ~ Access my knowledge and experience.

Expand your Network ~ Connect with new people, groups, organizations.

Solve your problems ~ Gain insight and perspective to remove barriers.

Skill Building ~ Learn key skills to help you improve and grow personally and professionally.

Go Farther! Grow Your Capacity! Maximize Your Time & Effort! 

It is time to invest in yourself and your work.

When you are your best, you share your best!

Yes, I am ready to join the Mentorship program!

Kelly’s story resonated with me so I took a leap of faith and contacted her… I have never regretted it. She has instantly become a friend and cheerleader. She has a way of guiding me into saying out loud that which I tend to deny…which then it makes it a reality and then it shifts into a better place! It has only been two months and so much has happened to and for me due to Kelly’s guidance. I look forward to our session every week. My life will never be the same and I owe Kelly a special thanks of gratitude for that!
Tiffany Sanborn

Yoga Teacher

Words cannot express what a blessing Kelly has been for my life. Her gentle, guiding hand has helped me tremendously in taking my Virtual Assistant business – and all areas of my life – to the next level. I know I couldn’t have done it without her. Through her encouragement and support, I have been able to clarify and streamline my goals and desires for my business and other areas of my life – and work to make those goals a reality. I highly recommend Kelly to any professional woman looking to take her career to the next level!
Carol Bowers D'Annunzio

Virtual Assistant

Kelly MacLellan MSc.

As your mentor, it is my goal to provide you with the space, skills and strategies to thrive personally and professionally.

My vision is to witness you at your best, freely expressing your true gifts, serving your clients while living and working harmoniously.

When you are your best, you share your best.

Know you are always being lead and you are not alone!
Kelly is the kick in the pants I needed to go from dreaming to doing. Working with Kelly has the warmth of connecting with a dear friend and the trust of knowing you are in the hands of a professional.
Sue Rice

The Radiant Alchemist

Kelly has guided and helped me realize my true potential and capabilities through her coaching. She helped me see all the “things” that I couldn’t see that was in my way for building my business. She pushed me to do things I was uncomfortable with. She was patient and helped build my confidence when I didn’t have any. Her tools and techniques were profound in helping me to blossom. I am moving forward and it was exactly what I needed! All the steps all of it was so purposeful!!!! And, I thank her immensely!
Stacey D.

Holistic Health Coach

Yes, I am ready to join the Mentorship program!

When I started working with Kelly I was fresh out of college, living in a foreign country, and so confused about the direction I wanted to take in my life. She lead me through an incredible visualization exercise and filled me with so much clarity and belief that I smiled a year later when I saw my vision manifested. A few years down the line I again found myself discontent and in need of a change in both the professional and personal spheres, and my work with Kelly emboldened me to take action around uncovering my passions and standing up for myself in my personal and professional relationships. Her example was so inspiring that I have now becoming a life coach myself, helping women to live their most vibrant lives by loving and nourishing themselves and their bodies. Kelly is now more than just my coach; she is a leader, mentor, and friend.
Mandy Sciacchitano

Life & Health Coach

Working with Kelly is a magical experience. The Embrace Your Life Coaching helped me navigate during a season of transition. Kelly’s counsel are seasoned with tidbits of wisdom, magic, common sense and practical execution to make things happen. Integration of a sacred morning ritual, the creation of a vision board and the integration of many self-care practices have allowed my creativity, career and soul to flourish. She is definitely plugged into her life calling, as she helped me find my own. Time with Kelly is like talking to a kindred spirit friend.
Brittany C.

Artist. Educator.

I began working with Kelly in 2012 shortly after I was diagnosed and healing from chronic illness. This was a big step for me because I had never worked with a life coach and I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Kelly is kind, honest and very inspiring. Through the work of her book and Follow Your Heart program she was able to help me discover (in my case re-discover) my passions and work towards building an authentic life. I have since created a business that I love and that is aligned with my soul’s purpose. Day by day my business and life is flourishing. I am forever grateful.
Teresa Mazzella

Spiritual Coach

I have always been a driven person with a plan but in 2013 I knew there was something missing career wise but I didn’t know what. Kelly guided through a process of allowing myself to explore and discover what I enjoyed and brought me fulfillment. I think it was the first time in my life I began making career choices for JOY vs what was the smartest move. Kelly also helped me embrace the fact that I am multi talented and multi passionate.
Amy Seeger

Holistic Business Mentor | Energy Therapist

More Client Experiences:

“I have had many teachers over the years, but I honestly can´t think of one that was as pleasant, helpful or effective as you. From participating in your workshops I have experienced a great increase in my self-awareness and confidence, and I will be forever grateful for that…you showed tremendous expertise and empathy…Thank you so much for your excellent help.” ~ Dr. Johnson

“Kelly assisted me with planning and refocusing my goals in life. She helped me to understand the potential I had and help me gain the confidence in pursuing a new direction. Kelly was a great support throughout the changes in my life and was always there to talk to when things would get me down. She continues to be a mental source of confidence for me… Kelly has valuable insight that people will definitely benefit from.” ~ Barb N.

“Over the past couple of months, my life has changed… For the past couple of months, I’ve had a Life Coach. With her as my guide, my supporter, my cheerleader and accountability provider, I have navigated through many of the obstacles that have been holding me back for so long. As a Life Coach, Kelly can assist people with many areas in their lives…Careers, relationships, health/wellness, goals, and most importantly, discovering a sense of balance between them all. I’m sharing all of this with you… because I am proud of the distance I have traveled to get to where I am today and to see where I am going for the first time – EVER.” ~ Skye W.

“Kelly definitely embraces life to the fullest and her enthusiasm is contagious. As a great coach, she knows when you need to reflect & retreat, and when you need to be pushed out of your comfort zone. In the few months I’ve worked with her, I’ve become more effective at work, and have achieved a clearer focus for both my career and my personal life. She is an authentic, all-natural, performance enhancer specialist.” ~Y. Wingate

“I have found that Kelly’s deep, thoughtful listening and helpful “action” tips often lead to new solutions to obstacles or anxieties that I face, and always leads to an increased sense of peace about facing those obstacles and anxieties. “ ~ Katrina R.,  Princeton graduate

“I am a naturopathic doctor. 2013 taught me thrat you can be happy and successful and still be “stuck”. I decided early in 2013 that I wanted to surround myself with more like-minded women and so I attended the first meeting of the “Breathe and Be Well” group where Life Coach Kelly MacLellan was discussing vision boards and excerpts of her book “Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose”. At the end of the seminar I was overwhelmed by the realization that I have everything I want right in front of me, everything I had “called” for, but there was more work to be done. I had carved out a nice comfortable crevice in my happy life and I had stopping working at my life. I was just living in it. I had forgot to keep dreaming.

So always the eager student I got to work right away on my vision board. I gathered all the magazines I had laying around the house and got to work. I cut out any words or pictures that made me smile. That was my only rule. And let me tell you what I created still brings tears to my eyes. It hangs in my office where I can see it every day and on occasion share it with select patients. My vision board got me dreaming again and oh what a year it was. I woke up my life. I took my private practice to a new level by finding an associate and adding community events to my schedule. I took my love life to a new level by getting engaged. I took my health to a new level by restarting yoga and committing to my running practice.
It is 2014 and I am happy to be looking at a new year with great anticipation. What a difference a year makes.” ~ Dr. Kelly Upcott

“Kelly was one of the first people to ask me, “What is your passion?” “I don’t know, was my answer.” Kelly deeply listened to my response (and my unsaid emotions) and guided me through various questions and exercises to gain more clarity and understanding into who I am and what I was looking for. Kelly was also the first person to introduce me to the idea of self-care and taking oneself on a date- revolutionary concepts for me at the time!
Being seen and being heard are two needs we all have; working with Kelly both of these needs were met. She cultivates a safe space for discovery and growth with her gentle presence and authentic sharing of her own life experiences. Kelly remains a guiding light in my life.” ~ Sheila G.