Imagine how you will feel when you finally book your first client!! Or ten clients?

Imagine how you will feel when you see your business finally begin to flourish.

Imagine gaining clarity into your core message and be able to truly make an impact from using your gifts!




You make time for everything else and everyone and then you cram in your own needs into the tidbits of time left in between. Just when you get on a roll you have to switch gears! You try to jump back into it but you are unable to access that vision and passion! You are constantly adjusting yourself based on other people’s needs.

Do you remember those special qualities that make you – YOU? 

Are you in touch with WHY you want to be a solopreneur?


“Life Coaching Strategy Sessions”


Spring 2019 Topic: 

Grow Your Side Hustle 

Immerse yourself in professionally guided activities designed to elevate your confidence and sense of clarity and purpose in life and work!


During this 4-hour intensive strategy session, you will complete professionally developed worksheets on the topics of branding and lean business planning. 

You will identify areas of strength to promote and those that you want to change. 

You will practice the content so you when you leave you have solid skills to apply in your business. 

When you re-emerge, you will be more prepared to approach your work with clarity, focus and renewed energy!

Make a Difference with your Work

Return to Your Center

Live with a Sense of Wonder

Share your Creativity




*Early Registration Bonus (by March 15) ~ Gain Access to the Female Solopreneur Classroom, get access to design, money and productivity worksheets!

$299 value alone!

*All will have access to the private Facebook Group so your progress continues!

Keep the motivation, accountability and inspiration flowing!


I am a certified life and career coach, the founder of Embrace Your Life Coaching and author of ‘Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose’, but most importantly, I’m a wife and mother.

When you get clear and grow your business I am serving my life purpose which is to inspire and empower female entrepreneurs to follow their hearts, and let me tell you – when your business is aligned with your life purpose – it feels fabulous!!

Talk soon, with love! 


I am confident that you will be empowered and inspired as a result of participating in this group. However, if you are not fully satisfied, contact me and we will set up one private coaching session together.

(In order to be eligible for the refund you must send in proof of completed worksheets. The clients I work with are those that are ready to take action! So if you aren’t in that space, I would encourage you to think about if this is the right group for you.)


Kelly is the kick in the pants I needed to go from dreaming to doing. Working with Kelly has the warmth of connecting with a dear friend and the trust of knowing you are in the hands of a professional.

Sue Rice

The Radiant Alchemist


Why participate in professional development workshops?

 When you are so juggling so many responsibilities, it is easy AND understandable to lose sight of your true motivation to having a side hustle business, so here I am introducing “Intensive Life Coaching Workshops”. The idea is to spend focused time developing the core basic skills to start and grow your business. 

I have used proven research when designing my workshops to support you in creating what you truly desire!

How can I get the most out of this investment?

You will be assigned an accountability partner who you will touch base with before, during and after the intensive workshop AND I will be in the Facebook group providing support, cheerleading, sharing ideas, shout-outs and love!!

There is powerful motivation behind DEADLINES and ACCOUNTABILITY! I will use these to help you create your vision! 

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