Avoid Making this Mistake!

Today I wanted to talk to you about Competition!

Let me ask you –When you see someone online that is doing really well in their business. They are travelling, their photos are exotic and or has more likes or fans than you?

Do you Feel Jealous?

What happens in your body? This is very real! So pay attention 😊

You might be saying to yourself – “I show up every day! And try and try.. Why isn’t my business growing?”

Today I am going to give you 3 reasons to stop comparing yourself to others!

1) You have NO idea what that person did to get to the spot they are in.
I focus on this because we are making judgements without the information. Some people work day and night for a decade to get where they are at. They hire the best coaches, technical team, etc etc to help them get there. And that is awesome!! But if you just started and don’t have the funds to access those resources, don’t compare yourself!

2) You have NO idea what happens in the person’s life when the camera is off.
We all project our best online – there is research that supports this. So take a closer look – we are all human! Don’t elevate others unrealistically!

3) You have NO idea that they are delivering what they are promising.
Remember we are constantly being marketed to. There are some people who are REALLY good at marketing! It can be hard based on the surface to see just how good they are at what they are selling.

So – don’t compare yourself! Just get really good at what you are doing!! And if you are jealous it is because you really really WANT something that they have. So write it down and focus on manifesting it! If they have it, it means that it is possible!

By being judgemental instead of inspired about someone who is truly making a difference and succeeding in business, we are wasting valuable time and energy. Like a rollercoaster of highs when we accomplish something in our own business but then seeing that someone else appears to have done something similar before us.

This is a never-ending cycle!

So Be Your Best Self!

In the spirit of this message, I have organized a series of interviews that will happen over the next month with a few female entrepreneurs who are going to share strategies on leading authentically and living according to their life purpose.

To stay connected with me join my FB group the Authentic Wealthy Solopreneur and download the planning worksheets to help you get focused!

With love, enjoy!!


Be Open to the Magic!

Be Open to the Magic!

This afternoon I listened to my aunt who was visiting from Nova Scotia talk about a trip she made to the Northwest Territories and her adventure when she tagged along with my uncle to attend business meetings one afternoon.

They flew into the tiny settlement by air and when they walked off the plane, almost immediately she was whisked away by a chaperon. She bubbled with enthusiasm as she remembered the feeling of being offered a cozy spot on the back of a snowmobile or to ride the contraption or sled being pulled behind.

She pulled on her weather gear and recalled her excitement as she tentatively stood behind the snowmobile being lead off into the snowy white terrain. Her body moved slightly back and forth as she remembered the shifting of her body on the sled. She described the crispness of the cold air and the blueness of the sky.

She spoke of the snow sparkling and how up until that moment didn’t really grasp the trueness of those words – “it was like a dusting of diamonds.”

She didn’t know how she was going to spend the time that afternoon when her husband, my uncle was in his meetings, and it didn’t matter, the chaperon had it all planned.

There is nothing more spectacular about the excitement of surrendering and being in the wonderment of the unfolding of each moment. My aunt took me there with her words and I felt her exhilaration – I could almost see her breathe in the frigid air and the lightness she felt throughout her being.

And as my coaching client succinctly said this evening, “When you say yes, the world opens up!

How wonderful and true!

Enjoy the process! Embrace your life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.

Write it down…

Write it down…

Quick Action Step:
Sometimes you read something that radically changes the way you think. In one instance, the world shifts, aligns and the reason that things are makes sense. You are on the right path again.
  1. Take a look around, what books do you have piled beside your bed?
  2. Why were you drawn to them?
  3. Or rather, why were they drawn to you?
  4. Flip through a book and highlight some of the passages that spoke directly to your heart, write them down those exact words that touched your heart.

Those words are meant to guide you, soothe you, heal you, inspire you… just for you.

Enjoy the process and embrace your life!

Love Kelly

Feeling frantic or depressed? Surrender!

Feeling frantic or depressed? Surrender!

“Beginning is easy – continuing hard”  ~ Japanese Proverb
It can be very exciting when we decide to change our lives. We feel an adrenaline rush as we dream and consider all of the possibilities! Our mind freely imagines all of the wonderful events that will transpire – it can be a euphoric feeling.
However, when these results don’t happen the way or as fast as we expect them to, we become impatient, angry or restless and often give up. Old behaviours begin to creep in based on old uncomfortable and condemning beliefs that take over and we berate ourselves for even setting out on the journey. Our dreams seem out of reach, yet again. We are left deflated and tired.
During these low times, surrender.
Surrender to God, the universal energy. Say, “this is too big for me to carry. Please take over. I release it to you. I trust you. I have faith in your plan for my life.”
Sometimes, we think we need to work out all of the details. Sometimes, we think we need to plan, plan, plan or else all will fall apart. This is not true.
Return to what urged you to follow your heart and dreams in the first place. That dream is your gift, intended only for you.

Ask yourself, what was your initial purpose? What was your vision? Quietly return to this intention, clarify it into one statement and focus on this statement by writing it out in your journal, reading it frequently to yourself.

Your job: Focus only on what you want and not on how it will come about, surrender the how to God.
All will be well again.
Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
*Please feel free to email your feedback, questions, ideas to me directly at: kelly@embraceyourlife.ca
Quick tips to get good zzzzzz’s

Quick tips to get good zzzzzz’s

Enjoy yourself! When we approach life with lightness and have fun during the day, we are more likely to be in the flow and as a result sleep deeply. When we struggle against the flow, we are less likely to be anxious and worry about situations at night while we try to sleep. Not fun.

Be authentic and follow your intuition! Listen to your body, don’t try to be different than what you are. If you feel the need to push yourself physically or mentally – go for it! If you feel the need to nurture yourself and rest – do that! Trust yourself and listen to your body, you have all of the answers. When you do listen, good sleep awaits.

Unload your thoughts. Before bed, create a ritual of writing and release all of your thoughts and concerns. Let go of the burden you carried during the day in your journal. If you tend to wake up throughout the night with ideas or dreams, keep a note pad beside your bed so you can quickly record them so your brain doesn’t cycle them over.

Meditate. If you can’t seem to stop the thoughts in order to go to sleep, imagine all of your thoughts collecting in a giant bag and imagine the heavy bags with all of your burdens and anxieties being carried off away from you. Play with this concept, finding one that suits you best. I personally, like to imagine standing in front of the ocean and having the wind sweeping the thoughts away and the sun shining brightly on me. Do whatever works!

Be grateful. Instead of replaying all of the things that didn’t go your way throughout the day, reflect on the day seeing all of the good things that happened. I am often in awe of how effective this is at creating good sleeping experiences along with good awake experiences!

Enjoy the day and have sweet dreams tonight!

Embrace your life!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
Life Coach