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4 Steps to Greater Career Satisfaction!

Do you love your job?4 Steps to Greater Career Satisfaction! Follow these 4 steps to greater career satisfactionGood Morning! Statistically Tuesdays are one of the happiest work days in the week.

Are you happy today at your job?

I hope so but if not, the best advice I can give is to look around and see what you like about your job, what is going well and recognize all the perks you do have and if you can’t find any, start by being grateful for having a job.

We have all heard loads about the Law of Attraction and one of the principles says~ What you focus on expands.

So if you are unhappy and unsatisfied with your job there is a way to improve the situation. Activity:

Step 1: Get a piece of paper and write your thoughts on these questions: What is going right? What do you like about your job? What are you good at?

If you are blocked, consider that there must be something or else or you wouldn’t have stayed so long. Why have you stayed? Write down all of that comes up for you.

Step 2: Now write down all of the things you wish you could be doing. If you could spend your time doing anything you want, what will that be? Now consider how can you bridge this gap? Be creative, consider volunteer positions, education, certificates, lessons, people to meet, new routines to incorporate, memberships to pursue…

Step 3: Research! Set up informational interviews with companies you want to work with, local college and university websites and talk to academic advisors, visit the volunteer action centres and art centres, read newspapers, talk to people about what you want and what you are looking for – network and get involved!

Tony Robbins said that we tend to overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can achieve in ten.

Step 4: Create a 1, 5, and 10 year plan.

We always say, time flies therefore: a 3 year degree taken at a rate of one or two courses part time will also fly by, as will volunteering or joining a group to get certain skills and meet certain people; look at how that investment will pay off and if it involves a career change how happy you will be!

If we can avoid thinking of all of the reasons why not to do something and instead focus on what we want and what we already have, our career decisions would become a lot more clear and easier to make.

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

Enjoy the day! and Embrace Your Life! Learn more about programs and groups designed to guide you toward aligning your life and your purpose!

Kelly MacLellan M.Sc.
Life & Career Coach


SOAR! It’s your time!


Our first workshops Launch! and Thrive! held in March and April were a success! Each woman confided clarity and insights following the workshops! Yeah!!

You are invited to – Soar! Maintain momentum, refocus, return to your vision! on May 7 from 2-4
*presented with Sheila Goodfellow, yoga instructor

This workshop will be fun, full and fluid! You will harness the power of your feminine energy and reveal your inner Goddess.

We will support you as you refocus and get real on what is blocking you and rededicate yourself to the vision you have for yourself as a woman.

You will visualize and speak the dream that is closest to your heart! The asanas will flow and support and open you to all of the possibilities available – it is time to SOAR!

Investment: $65 each
pre-payment required to secure your spot.
Where: Oasis Yoga ~ 4-24 Oak Street Street, Leamington, Ontario
How to Register contact me at or Dianna Kington at Oasis Yoga Leamington

Enjoy! With love, Kelly

This Spring join our Wellness Workshops!

relaxing meadow

Mini Retreats for Women It is the beginning of a new year – a perfect time to recommit to our deepest desires for ourselves and our lives.

During each two-hour coaching workshop, we will delve into each topic, create insights and action plans just for you! Dianna Kington will  support each of us to Thrive and Sheila Goodfellow will be there with us as we Soar with customized yoga to support our intentions! Register today!!

Launch!  Take time to dream, plan and create! March 5 from 2-4

Thrive! Develop strategies to manage stress, improve focus. April 9 from 2-4

Soar! Maintain momentum, refocus, return to your vision! May 7 from 2-4

Where: Oasis Yoga ~ 4-24 Oak Street Street, Leamington, Ontario

Investment: All 3 Workshops $150 or $65 each, pre-payment required to secure your spot. Register by contacting me at

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With love, Kelly