Growing your Authentic Coaching Business ~ Home Study Program

You want to make a difference in the world –

but you are discouraged and frustrated.

If your energy seems scattered and frantic and you want to connect deeper with your customers and really enjoy the work you do, Register for the “Growing Your Authentic Coaching Business” Home Study program today!

EMBRACE YOUR LIFE COACHING kelly maclellan WOMAN AT DESK 300x209This program is all about teaching you to create and run a business that is authentic and based on your life purpose.

What authentic business translates to is wasting less time, money and energy because your messages, products and customers that you attract are aligned with your higher purpose. It is coming from your heart. Everything you do in your connections with others will be radiating out from your heart.

This is completely different from most businesses that operate from greed, fear of not having enough or complacency.

Whether you are going through a career change and thinking of starting a business, or are already running an established business and want to reconnect or refresh your vision – this program will help you sort it all out!

Work is vital in our lives! And female entrepreneurs are often juggling a lot in their lives! It can be easy to lose your vision, your energy and excitement about your business goals.

It is time now to connect with your passion! Understand your life purpose and then express your life purpose through your business with simplicity, confidence and most importantly with PRESENCE!!!

Claim your space! Work with passion and excellence! Raise your standards.

Discovering your life purpose and sharing your passion in the world through the work you do every day will attract abundance, prosperity and peace into your life and will ripple into your family and your community!

Isn’t that what you really want for you, for your business, your family, your community – for everyone – to be abundant, prosperous and peaceful?

When you get focused and mindful you will have more energy to share in your business and your life!

EMBRACE YOUR LIFE COACHING kelly maclellan WOMAN ON SOFA 300x209So let’s get centered, gather your courage, because courage is often required when you make changes and let’s clarify your vision. We will travel these next steps together :)!

The Authentic Coaching Business Home Study Program is Coming Soon! 

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I can’t wait to begin working with you!

When you get clear and grow your business I am serving my life purpose which is to inspire and empower female entrepreneurs to follow their hearts, and let me tell you – when your business is aligned with your life purpose – it feels fabulous!!

Talk soon, with love! Namaste.

The “Growing Your Authentic Business Home Study Program” is divided into four sessions. You are guided personally by me through video and action sheets that will help you:

  • EMBRACE YOUR LIFE COACHING kelly maclellan AT WINDOW 300x209Identify the areas in your life you want to change in your business
  • Tap into your intuition, imagination and get clear on what you want to attract into your business
  • Begin to align your behaviours with your ideal picture of your business
  • Be challenged to trust yourself and protect your ideal picture of what you want
  • Become aware of self-destructive, self-defeating old patterns blocking you
  • Learn about your life purpose and how to use it to align your behaviour and
  • Develop an action plan to achieve your business goals!

In addition to the four sessions you will have access to:

  • Unlimited lifetime membership to the private Facebook Group where you can share and discuss with other entrepreneurial women in the group while having access to quality coaching content and weekly support that I will share with you!

This content-rich program is only $249, so don’t wait!

The time is now to share your gifts with the world. The world needs you!

Check out the testimonials that other women have shared about their experience working with me. I guarantee that completing these four sessions will move you closer to your goals and vision for your business and your life!

Thank you for choosing me to walk with you on this next leg of your journey.