About Kelly

Nearly 10 years ago, I transformed my life!

I faced my fears, developed self-trust and followed my dream of living in the sun and moved to the Caribbean! I lost 20 pounds and loads of stress!! My life was a good life, one that many people referred to as “perfect” but it didn´t feel perfect and I knew intuitively that I needed something different. I tried so hard to make it work but I knew I could no longer continue down the same path. I found my voice and within six months, I was on a plane to the Caribbean!

Several years have passed since I began this journey and I am truly joyful! I have discovered my life purpose and aligned my passion with my work and created my coaching practice and shared my journey through my book called Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose.

I ended the struggle. That is my story…

I regularly stop in awe of the amazing power we have to create our lives!

What is your story? What do you want to create?

I provide guidance to women individually and through group events and retreats. I connect worldwide by webinar, phone or Skype consultations teaching women to embrace their divine gifts and share their dreams with the world.

My specialty is spiritual career and business guidance: accessing intuition to discover life purpose, creating action plans, improving self-awareness, and releasing fear so you can realize your true potential and answer your calling.

**If you want to get a taste of my work, read more and order your own signed copy of Follow Your Heart to Discover Your Life Purpose.